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Exclusive Interview with The World Class Art Thieves

Dylan Howe & AJ Norman make up The World Class Art Thieves also known as WorldCAT for short. Now to provide some background information for those of you unfamiliar with WorldCAT. They're an electronic music production duo from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. WorldCAT started out as two friends creating mostly glitch hip-hop mash-ups and re-mixes in AJ's basement. As stated from their Facebook page: ” combines elements of glitch-step, moombahton, trap, and electro house in a seamless blend of smooth ethereal sounds, catchy melodies and dirty whomps.”

Dylan has always loved electronic music and has played the piano since about age 15. He knew the life he was leading at a local bakery and smelling like donuts all the time wasn't the life he wanted. This is where his not intentional bad influences on AJ to drop school and create music, turned out to be a very good one. So the adventure progresses into 2011 and when they started to make their own original tracks.




D: Dylan


EDM:  How did you guys come up with the name WorldCAT?

D: First it was the Art Thieves, it was mostly samples and a art steals kind of thing. Then I decided on The World Class Art Thieves, kind of a title bigger than it is. Relating back to the old times when there were more “World Class” entertainers, it kind of just rolled off the tongue. Then I realized WorldCAT was the acronym and it just stuck.


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EDM: What first got you guys into the EDM scene?

D: Electric Forest was our first emersion into the big culture of EDM.

A: At the show I said dude I could make music like this, and seeing Feed Me this was the coolest shit I've ever heard this guy is talented. I love old video games and the sounds.

D: But there were also some artist I heard and I was thinking this is not good, and if this is getting people here, we can do this too. This was the big realization of, we're gonna really go for it.


EDM:  Alot of artist seem to be branching out of their normal genres and experimenting, I would consider WorldCAT as part of that group, what would you say have been your more challenging genres or your favorites?

D: You been working on a sound for so long like dubstep/glitch hop, you want to incorporate all those styles and sounds into trap. Bringing in all those chords or melodies. Because most trap is just all 808s and percussion, we wanted to bring in more melody and style. To let people know we're not just forgetting about our other stuff and just do something else.


EDM:  Are you currently Touring?

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A: We have a couple more shows around the Midwest then we’re headed out to do an East Coast run. We'll have some festival announcements in the coming weeks too.

D: This weekend we'll be with the Crunchy Creationz crew at the Vault in Sioux Falls and then with Griz the next night in Iowa City. We'll also be supporting Bro Safari on March 2nd in Minneapolis. Other than that we’ve taken this winter to really focus on our music. I’d say right now we have the most WorldCAT songs that we’re sitting on and feel comfortable with actually releasing. (L00n – caption: These someday to be released tracks are hype! Can't wait for WorldCAT to put them out for you fellow “EDMsaucers” to enjoy also!)


EDM:  Favorite show you've played so far?

A: The L.E.D. House in Appleton, Wisconsin.

D: The Cabooze is my favorite place to play hands down.


EDM:  How did the new EP, “Watermelon” get the title?

A: I was watching this anime movie where this dad just yells out “Dinners ready….. shes not coming down for dinner? no watermelon?” Basically chopped it up and sampled it.

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D: Watermelon is the first real trap song we made. Trap is about fun and high energy, bringing EDM into hip hop world and doing it in a high energy fun way not so serious. The whole EP for me is about bring the energy and bring the fun, get drunk go crazy. Definitely about a good time. The name reflects the whole album, Watermelon is a fun, bouncy fruit, and so is our EP.


For more, stay tuned in and find out about their upcoming shows, visit The World Class Art Thieves Facebook


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