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The Martinez Brothers Interview
The Martinez Brothers Interview


The Martinez Brothers Interview

As The Martinez Brothers are set to go on their tour, we at EDM Sauce had a few questions for them. The Martinez Brothers is comprised of Steve and Chris and focus primarily on House Music. Read more below for our interview with the two brothers.

EDM Sauce: Hey Martinez Brothers, for those who don't know you, tell us about yourselves.

The Martinez Brothers: We're just two kids from NYC that love music, love making music and love sharing music

EDM Sauce: What first got you into Electronic Music?

The Martinez Brothers: Our father funny enough, he's the one that actually introduced us to a lot of different types of music; salsa jazz, disco and obviously house.

EDM Sauce: Being from New York, how do you like the scene there for EDM?

The Martinez Brothers: New York has always been good for the Dance its gotten a little more commercial, but their are still some really good parties going on.

EDM Sauce: What's your favorite spot other than New York for EDM?

The Martinez Brothers: Too many good places, Berlin, Ibiza, Miami is always fun, their's loads of favorites

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EDM Sauce: Do you have any inspirations for your music?

The Martinez Brothers: Again, too many inspirations, can be from a Stevie Wonder song, to a great time at a party or a fun night out with a girl…anything can inspire

EDM Sauce: Do you prefer DJing or Producing more?

The Martinez Brothers: we enjoy both of them equally, DJing helps our producing because we understand what moves people on the floor, so they go hand in hand.

EDM Sauce: What are your plans for the future?

The Martinez Brothers: To keep making as much music as possible, setting up stuff for our label as well so definitley look out for that

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