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Tommy Noble
Tommy Noble


Exclusive Interview with Tommy Noble

Today we have an exclusive interview with Tommy Noble. Tommy Noble is a California based duo which has done a lot in the EDM world in a short amount of time. They have proved themselves and now play with DJs such as Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Tiesto, Bart B More and Porter Robinson.

Me: So how did you get into mixing and producing?

@tommynoble: We grew up loving electronic music from a young age… we both came to it with a love for Daft Punk, Justice, and lots of trance artists

Me: I gotta say that's what turned me onto EDM as well. So who are your current Producers that you look up to?

@tommynoble: There are so many great producers out there now. The M Machine is creating a very beautiful and deeply creative thing right now, and we respect that immensely!

Me: Yea I was just introduced to The M Machine and have to say I'm really impressed with all of their material as well.

Me: So How long does a track take you on average to produce, from start to finish?

@tommynoble: It depends, generally a month or so. Most of our tracks have 100-140 hours of work in them.

Me: Right on, so how many of the tracks you start get finished?

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@tommynoble: About half.

Me: Okay and would you say any of your tracks are ever really finished? Or do you like to go back and make edits and remakes from your tracks?

@tommynoble: Most of our tracks get edited or chopped in some way for the live set.

Me: That's true.. So what would you say your favorite song is so far?

@tommynoble: The ones that we write in the future!

Me: I like that answer! So speaking of the future, are you working on any track in particular right now?

@tommynoble: Always! We're really excited about our first official release on Dim Mak Records, releasing May 29 and our new original coming out on James Egbert's FuzionMuzik sometime soon.

Me: Oh congratulations with Dim Mak Records! So how was it working with James Egbert?

@tommynoble: He's one of the most friendly, honest guys in music right now.

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Me: Good to hear. Yea we had the honor of interviewing him a few weeks ago. Definitely a really cool guy.

Me: So would you say you like DJing or the Producing more?

@tommynoble: We love writing music, and we love playing it live… They are totally different experiences and we wouldn't take one without the other.

Me: Glad to hear you love what you do and enjoy both aspects of it.

Me: And Last Question, What would you like to say to all of your fans out there?

@tommynoble: That we love them for supporting and caring about our music enough to read this many words about us, and we can't wait to share more music as we write it.

@tommynoble: Have a good one!

Me: Thanks again guys!

Tommy Noble – The Engineer

The Engineer (Original Mix) - The Engineer - Single

Tommy Noble – Zombie Cancer

Zombie Cancer (Original Mix) - The Engineer - Single

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