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This Pop Up Store Has A Free-For-All DJ Booth

This Pop Up Store Has A Free-For-All DJ Booth

The German premium audio brand Senheiser is changing things up a bit by launching a series of pop-up stores in New York and the San Francisco Mission District. The pop-up stores are unlike most pop-ups due...
Traktor Audio 2

The New Traktor Audio 2 Interface

Want to get more out of your headphones without buying new headphones? I did too once, that was before I became more knowledgable about audio equipment. What I found out through research led me...
How To Make Glowing Skullcandy Headphones

How To Make Glowing Skullcandy Headphones

We don't often post how to's but this how to caught my attention. In this video Becky Stern of Adafruit Industries demonstrates how to make glowing over the ear Skullcandy headphones by using 14...
id America Metropolitan Earbuds Review

id America Metropolitan Earbuds Review

The Metropolitan Earbud Headphones come in an embossed and very modern package design that catches the eye with the slogan “Born In New York” and the famous skyline on the cover.  The remaining panels...
Jabra Revo Wireless headphones

Multi-Touch Headphones Put Your Ears in Control

Jabra has introduced a new line of headphones called the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones. These headphones are bit different because they let you control your music with just a tap on the ear. The...

Here’s the Cutest Headphones You Can Buy

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Leitvox presents his latest single, The Dreaming Silenus

Leitvox shares new track inspired by Ruben's painting "The Dreaming Silenus."  The hypnotic and progressive techno inspired song is the second single that the Miami based...