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Twiggii: Electrifying Euro Latin Pop Star Inks Deal With Sancover Music

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, this charismatic, Brazilian-born pop musician, dancer and songwriter currently flies between Brussels and Rio de Janeiro.  Signed to Brunel Wekho’s label Sancover Music, her debut single showcases an infectious melody and movement-commanding production with her voice paired perfectly against a backdrop of reggaetón-thumping beats, Caribbean influences, and acoustic guitar. Her latest release, “Love it”, is just as addictive, and even higher on energy!

Her debut single “Closer” has racked up 48602 streams on Spotify and is rapidly gathering more steam.

In an interview, when asked about her musical journey, she says – “due to the saturation and intense competition in the music world, it has been incredibly challenging to carve a path for a career in music. But with perseverance, faith, and the right mindset, one can accomplish anything.” She claims music chose her saying that it never gave her the option to quit. She had faced numerous challenges and obstacles along her path, but each time she even remotely imagined giving up music, she would be presented with another opportunistic fork in the road leading her to even more musical accolades and success.

Her love of music began as just an enjoyable pastime, but it has since transitioned into something more. Like she said, “one day you wake up and realize you are amusician!” Now that she appreciates how pop-oriented tunes are really made and what they are really all about (emotionally charged with intensely interpersonal story lyrics), this young woman learns to go deep inside herself in order to honestly confront her feelings and vulnerability while embracing these powerful emotions through writing songs.

Follow her social media platforms and stream her music! Don`t sleep!

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