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Nikki Taylor Vibe on Connecting With Fans and Making a Stance In The Music World

With budding artists firing on all cylinders every month, labels continue to ensure their artists can keep up with the trends of GenZ and Millenial audiences.  Singer-Songwriter Nikki Taylor Vibe has decided to engage in the conversation surrounding her influence as a female artist whose continuing to cement a stance within the music world. With this constant over-saturation of sounds, lyrics, and beats we rarely take the time to stop and consider what it takes to capture the attention of listeners. We often forget that every lyric represents one person’s thoughts and feelings, every melody was spun from someone’s unique mind. To get a greater understanding of what goes into the creation of a song, we reached out to musician Nikki Taylor Vibe to discover insights about her creative process.

The New-York based artist shares that her creative process begins with being open to inspiration and ready to receive any new ideas and concepts that could shape a song. She explains that she does this by giving herself the creative space to conceptualize lyrics and melodies and by ensuring that she stays committed to making music. Further explaining this insight, Nikki Taylor Vibe says,

“Music is my ultimate passion and number one focus, by staying undistracted and ready to receive inspiration, I find the spirit of what it is that I want to write and then I build from there.”

She says that the process of creating a song is one of her favourite aspects about being a musician, explaining how seeing a song evolve from nothing into a unique piece of music that can be shared with anyone gives her an immense sense of fulfillment.

According to Nikki Taylor Vibe creating music is a life-long passion that she has become more and more dedicated to over the years. Having built a strong and loyal following with her songs, it is a passion that her many listeners appreciate. Since she first started releasing music, she has proved that her commitment to her creative process is unwavering by consistently providing unique songs that have helped to build her dedicated following steadily.

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