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Rapper Lit Reeezy: A GenZ Symbol of Resistance & Hope

Lit Reeezy has been making waves in the hip-hop industry, and he's not even old enough to buy beer! Hailing from Las Vegas (a city known for its casinos), this 18-year-old rapper uses his platform as an opportunity to bring awareness about mental health specifically among musicians. His clever wordplay coupled with powerful rhymes has him quickly becoming one of today’s most promising artists you need on your playlist immediately.

Lit Reeezy is trying to use his music as an outlet for mental health awareness. His goal? To break the stigma around talking about it and open up conversations, especially in hip hop communities where this issue often goes overlooked or brushed aside because of bravado.”

Reeezy is a symbol of resistance and hope for the youth, he's been through many near-death experiences which now fuels his art.

The artist has been able to create an honest and vulnerable sound that offers a different perspective on mental health. He wants others who are struggling with their own struggles, like himself, to know they're not alone nor should they suffer in silence any longer – instead there is help out here for you!

From the Baltimore-Washington area but currently residing in Las Vegas (Sin City) Lit Reeezy is a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan and would welcome the opportunity to work with the team. He's also into music and became famous for being in the top 40 of basketball at age 10 while singing along with Persian events by 3!

Lit Reeezy’s first single “Damaged” was released on May 29th, 2021. Then six months later he debuted his highly anticipated album “Vulnerable” which displays not only Lit's diverse range as an artist but also shows how much this talented singer/songwriter cares about mental health with suicide being one of many personal songs included within its catalog!

“Lit Reeezy is a dope new artist on the rise. His music is an outlet for him to express himself and his distinctive perspective. He's got a hip af fresh, witty style that is sure to get heads nodding. Keep an eye out for Lit Reeezy; stream his music everywhere!”


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