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shYbeast Talks New Single, I See Stars, Goals for 2020, and New Music

Music producer and vocalist shYbeast, also known as Devin Oliver,  is expected to take the world by storm this 2020. You may know him as the singer of the progressive rock band “I See Stars,” but he has certainly took on a new name for himself. shYbeast recently released his new single “Will Your Heart Have Room” that will capture the hearts of all those who listen to it. Other than creating his own music, he has also collaborated with artists such as Kayzo and Crankdat. We recently spoke with the talented music maker to talk about his dance music project. We spoke about his new single, his goals for the project, future music, and much more in this EDM Sauce interview.

Before you were shYbeast, you were a part of the electronic rock band “I See Stars.” What was it like transitioning from the rock scene into the electronic dance music scene? Are they completely different worlds or similar in some ways?

“I will say I have noticed some similarities. For instance, I noticed a lot of parallels between heavy dubstep and the hard-core scene I grew up in. There are mosh pits, head-banging, & just a very similar energy within the music & live experience. But you hear time and time again how collaborative the electronic dance scene is and that is something that’s always been missing in the rock world. I think the biggest transition for me has been in the studio. I think as an artist it’s important to express yourself freely as well as allow yourself to be challenged. I See Stars has played such an important roll in my life for so many reasons one being that I have always felt very challenged in the writing process. You have four minds colliding at full speed & they are all heavily armed with passion. But when it’s time for the music to make its way out we do it together & there is so much comfort in that. With shYbeast it’s very different. At times I feel very naked with shYbeast. I feel exposed in ways you can never really prepare for. I am challenged by only myself most times which in ways is the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced as an artist. But I also get to express myself freely. If I am excited about an idea or a lyric I don’t really need to ask anyone for validation which feels very liberating. But when the music comes out for the world to listen to I feel extremely exposed because it is just me. It feels very much like your revealing your soul to the entire planet.”

While taking on this solo project, will you still be creating new music with “I See Stars?” What is it like balancing the two projects?

“Absolutely! A lot of people have been asking me if I find it hard to balance two projects. I think what most people don’t know is that in the past I’ve written thousands of songs that didn’t make sense for I See Stars. In that event, those songs get shelved and never end up seeing the light of day. For me, it’s one of the most heartbreaking scenarios because so many beautiful songs I’ve written have been unheard & honestly have missed their moment. It’s not because they’re bad songs or because they were not worthy. It simply because I See Stars is a progressive rock band. It’s important to us that we protect what we’ve created over the last 10 years. But on the other hand, I am full of inspiration from all sorts of different music cultures. I’ve been one of the main producers for my band for a decade and in that time I’ve explored thousands of avenues in music & fell in love time & time again. I have no plans to neglect any project I’m a part of. I See Stars will always be a top priority. In fact, we are working on a new album as we speak. shYbeast to me is so special because it can be whatever I want it to be. If I love the song today I can put it out tomorrow. Simple as that.”

What do you hope to accomplish while taking on the shYbeast project? What are your goals?

“There’s a whole side of me that I’ve yet to introduce to the world up until this project. My long term goals feel pretty ambitious. As for now, I’m focused on this year and my goal for this year is to release an album’s worth of songs & tour in hopes to introduce this new side to as many people as I can. I’ve been through a lot over the last couple of years and I feel I have a story to tell. My goal this year is to tell that story through shYbeast.”

You’ve collaborated with some well-known artists in the dance music scene, such as Kayzo and Crankdat. What was it like working with them?

“I was touring a lot at the time that these artists reached out to me. A lot of our workflow was me working out of my studio on the road and sending ideas to them through email. Kayzo & I had been friends for a few years so it was really fun writing on top of his production. We both believe in the same concept of fusing rock and electronic music together so it was no surprise to me when he sent a song featuring Frank Zummo from Sum 41. “Cruel Love” hit a soft spot for me. The music carried some heavyweight and I instantly knew what I wanted to write about. Crankdat I had met at Tomorrowland but that was well after our song “Do You Mind” was in the making. He’s a really nice guy and we vibed instantly. The second he sent the track the music and lyrics came to me so fast. I feel like I wrote that song in a day. It was just so easy because the music was so great!”

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You just released your new single “Will Your Heart Have Room.” What was your inspiration for the track? Was there a message you were trying to convey to your fans?

“With this track, I was speaking to a specific person. I also was speaking a lot to myself. I was asking myself a lot of hard questions at the time. I was in transition moving from Detroit to Los Angeles. Leaving so many people I love and care about and also leaving the city that helped mold me. I think the idea of putting yourself in a situation that challenges everything you know is healthy. Change in my experience has always been followed by growth. But it’s no surprise that it’s terrifying. I wanted this song to connect with people by letting them know that it’s okay to doubt yourself from time to time as long as you double down afterward by believing.”

What can we expect this year from shYbeast? Any more music releases?

“It’s safe to say people can expect a lot more music. There will also be some special performances this year. I’m even hoping to end the year off with a tour.”

Check out shYbeast's recent music releases below.

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