The electronic/pop duo CCIITTYY is treating us to five of their all-time Musical Guilty Pleasures today. We have really enjoyed listening to their picks, and can see bits of pieces of inspiration that creep in to CCIITTYY's music. Turn these up and get stuck in!

1) Westlife – “When You're Looking Like That”

Aayyy, this song is absolutely crazy. Starts off like some bad parody on rock music. But the joke is on rock music, because this thing is waaay better. Just modulate every time you get to the chorus and you've got a fan in us. How are we not supposed to love this song? Big chorus. No, huge chorus. Catch us at the karaoke bar singing this gem.

2) Enrique Iglesias – “Hero”

Just to show that we love us some candlelight love songs. Enrique kills it on this one. Just hear the sound his throat makes right before “…I can be your hero baby,” now that’s how you convey emotion! This song came on in the taxi on our last vacation. The look on the taxi driver's face when we suddenly all sang along as the chorus started. Those are the memories that last. P.S – epic music video.

3) N*Sync – “It's Tearing Up My Heart”

If there’s any tune that’s stuck in our head, it’s this one. And honestly, we don’t mind. It’s exactly how we love it, and how we like our own songs as well. Energetic and emotional. Ever couldn’t be with someone you love? This is your song. You can dance and cry at the same time. Best way to get your cardio while feeling sad for yourself.

4) Trust – “Anders”

A contestant from Belgium for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. We know every single word and like to scream the song along. And just look at this performance! Water on the drums. Sick synth and piano solos. The drummer is grooving so hard his floor tom falls over! This video has everything! Love it!

5) Psy – “Gangnam Style”

This song is just so unbelievably energetic. The pre-chorus has the best build-up ever. But then, just look at this performance! It’s not hard to decide which is better, Queen at the Wembley Stadium or Psy at the Seoul Plaza. Freddie bites the dust. Psy has everything. Dancers. Lasers. A crowd of dancing people with glow sticks and a handful of confused white people. Taking his shirt off like the sex god he is. How we wish we were there!