Spectoral’s sprawling “Love Somebody Else” is a pop record built upon the idea of representing the natural world with synthetic sound design. Bird calls are represented by sampled fax machines and dial up modems while breezy pads wander below the insect-like chirps of CD-skipping clicks. Produced by Spectoral, the track was co-written and co-produced by Australian hitmakers Tim McArtney and Tim Watt (George Maple, Flume, Touch Sensitive), with Watt handled mixing duties. The track has been mastered by the world class Ben Feggans at Studios 301 (Hayden James, Flume. Ngaiire). Check out the single, a quote, plus a few questions with Spectoral below now.

“I was watching David Attenborough's Planet Earth II one night and got super inspired by the scene with the male widow birds. They have these ridiculously long tails that makes it super hard to fly and survive, but they turn this burden into an advantage for attracting a mate. I really liked that.” – Spectoral

Hey, how are you?
I’m doing great, thanks for having me, Saucers

How would you define your sound?
Future soul. My stuff is full of pop hooks and sensibilities but work hard to blend in a lot of textured downtempo electronic sound design and merge this with modern R&B, soul and hip hop influences.

Whereabouts in the world are you based?
Melbourne, Australia. The live music capital of the world now, officially!

Where did the name Spectoral come from?
It used to be my username online for everything from chatting to gaming, just something that sounded cool to me as a kid. I stuck with it for music cos it has that magic three syllable earworm thing going on.

What is ‘Love Somebody Else' about?
This is written for people who have kinda gone off the idea of being with anyone new, cos they were burned by their last relationship. It a jam that’s gunna get you back on that perch.

Is it part of an upcoming EP/album?
Sure is. I’m dropping my sophomore EP in July, and it’s the best project I’ve ever done, it defines the sound of future soul.

Do you have any shows coming up?
If you’re in Melbourne I have a headline single launch happening on Saturday June 16 at Horse Bazaar, that’s gunna go off. And I’ve just been asked to play a set at Resonate, at the Melbourne Arts Centre on Friday June 29, which is hella exciting, gonna put something special together for that.

What is the best way for fans to support you?
Talk about my music to your friends. Hit follow on my artist page (bit.ly/spectoralspotify) and add my music to your playlists, it really helps me when you do that. ✌🏽