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OIJ & Rochelle Share Their Musical Guilty Pleasures

Our thanks to both OIJ and Rochelle this week for sharing their Musical Guilty Pleasures with us. Having just created the wicked single “Control” together, we got in touch with both these talented artists to hear what makes them tick.



1) Bloodhound Gang – “Fire Water Burn”

“One Fierce Beer Coaster” by Bloodhound Gang, which contains this song, is the first album I ever bought when I was a kid. I remember feeling proud to have purchased my first CD and played it over and over. I also remember the video clip from watching MTV all the time back when they still did actual music.

2) Big Pun – “Still Not a Player”

Always listened to Capital Punishment album in the car with my family when going on holiday. We would always listen to some great rap, ranging from Master P to Snoop Dogg. Big Pun still one of the best! R.I.P.

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3) PPK – “Resurrection” (actually spelled Resurection by them)

When I was a kid I loved this track. There was a big wave of one hit DJs in the 00's that were very big in The Netherlands.

4) Aerosmith – “I Don't Want to Miss a Thing”

Epic ballad, Steven Tyler's vocals are impressive! Classic for Saturday night karaoke.

5) Chingy – “Holidae In”

Just chilling here, who doesn't like a hotel party?

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1) Kaytranada – “Leave Me Alone”

This is a smash! It feels like a guilty pleasure because of the lyrics, they always seem to fit my mood.

2) Black Uhuru – “Shine Eye Gal”

My father used to play this EVERY car ride. I have been listening to this band for pretty much my entire life, trying to figure out how I'm not getting tired of it. I guess it’s the memory that comes with it, which is beautiful. I really like how they made reggae sound a bit darker and moody. This bassline is everything.

3) Ginuwine – “Pony”

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I sing this track in my set, and one time I was booked at a school where the kids might have been a bit too young, hahaha. That distinctive sound and how it gets you to party on a slow jam is kinda awesome, right? 

4) Pia Mia – “Ocean Drive”

Her songs always kinda feel like guilty pleasures. I guess because most of her songs sound like a fairytale love story. something a lot woman dream of. And I love her voice.

5) Dopebwoy – “Cartier”

This was big hit in The Netherlands, not really my thing but it’s so catchy. Once everybody starts singing it all day, you just pick up on it.  it’s funny how that works.

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