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EDM Sauce Interview with Insomniac’s, Bonnie X Clyde

DJ/Producers, Bonnie X Clyde, have really broken through the EDM Scene this upcoming year. From releasing their most popular single, Bass Jam, to being signed to one of the most popular record labels, Insomniac Recordings, this DJ duo has truly taken the world by storm. Bonnie X Clyde consists of two incredible artists; these artists include Paige, who really provides a beautifully melodic symphony with her talented vocals, and Daniel, who knows how to make every self-produced track dance-worthy. These two members truly have a talent when it comes to creating the ultimate track. EDM Sauce had the pleasure of getting to know the DJ group and respectably, they shared with us some things about their most incredible year and about their first introduction into this memorable scene.

1. What introduced the both of you into the electronic music scene?

Daniel- A friend at school showed me a youtube video of Ultra Music Festival and told me that Skrillex used Ableton, and that was it.

I started listening to it when I went to my first show at Echostage and saw a show where I could really dance and it was an awesome experience.

2. This year has been a big year for the both of you, such as being signed to Insomniac, moving to L.A, and performing at EDC Las Vegas for the first time. How does it feel to have gained all these great opportunities?

We both feel it is a blessing and we never want to take it for granted.

3. You recently released your latest collaboration “Torn” with the mysterious duo, Purge. What influenced you to create this new track?

It’s a pretty literal song about being torn in your decision making throughout life. The fear of the unknown and not knowing what to do. In relationships, spirituality, etc. etc.

4. Besides your latest release, will we be expecting any new releases soon?

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YES, can’t share anything yet though 😛

5. Your most popular song, “Bass Jam,” landed at the top of the Sirius XM BPM charts as the #1 “Beat of the Week” for 5 consecutive weeks. How did it feel to earn such a great achievement as this?

The coolest thing that’s ever happened to us. It was magical to get the support of XM and we really appreciate Geronimo. He made our dreams come true and we just hope to continue to make music that they enjoy too! It was pretty surreal having friends and family hear it back home, it makes us feel good about the music we are making.

6. What are some of your favorite music festivals that you've been thankful to perform at?

Insomniac crushes the music festival game along with festivals like Sun City music fest and Okeechobee Music festival.

7. What advice would you give to any potential music makers trying to succeed in the music industry?

Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Just keep working on your craft. Nothing comes easy. And don’t be afraid to be weird, and try new things/brainstorming is cool and so is freestyling when writing music. What comes naturally is unique and cool. Referencing other musicians is awesome but experiment with your mind. See what comes from your soul. And set goals, be strategic, and work toward them till you accomplish your dreams. <3

Check out their latest single “Torn” below.

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