Have you been looking for an easy way to get into DJing? Well now you can with the easy to use app made for “YouTube DJs.” The app makes DJing online easier than ever as you can switch between a dozen browser tabs and quickly and easily make smooth transitions between songs.

With the free YouTube DJ app, you can search for songs, instrumentals and acapellas, control the speed of songs, slow down the vinyl and make instantaneous loops. In fact, the founder of YouTube-DJ, Romain Malnoult, says that “dozens of mashups” have already been created the community.

Malnoult went on to say that they want to allow young people “who think mixing is complicated and expensive, to be able to have a free and fun experience of DJing.” If people enjoy using this app, then they can invest money in professional material to become a real life DJ.

Online DJ Mixer

To get started, simplly merge two songs or videos together to create your own mix. From there you can crossfade between the two tracks, change the pitch, and make loops. Within seconds you'll be mixing on your own.

Start mixing songs together today!