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Artist of the Week Artist of the Week: DJ Allure

What is going on dance music fans? Today we have a special Artist of the Week Release for you coming from DJ Allure – a resilient, hard working musician who has a true rags to riches story – and with it, coming a brand new release titled, Cou Cou. You can begin checking out his work at his soundcloud here:

His newest release Cou Cou is a combination of struggle, talent, and grinding your way to success – with its trance level melodic keybox sound designs that are maintained throughout, the addition of deep elements such as rising and fading sweeps, spacey atmospheres, and of course, a consistent 4 to floor tempo, DJ Allure really brings everything you'd want in a dance music / deep track with Cou Cou. There are very few times a producer can hit all levels of electronic dance music in one track and “genre-please” just about anyone in the scene with a record, but DJ Allure really hits a homerun with his super-repeatable, playlist smashing track. We switch over to the praise given by African Hype for a much deeper dive into DJ Allure and their take on his newest record Cou Cou.

From “African Hype” Music Blog:

As an innovator of special sound, DJ Allure’s story exemplifies the “from rags to riches” kind of story seeing that he started with just a passion for the music, buying himself his first controller and self-teaching the basics and also sought out the mentorship of a few legendary DJs in the area so as to hone his skills superbly and with his hard work, resiliency, and determination to rise above the ranks and cement his place as a versatile DJ and producer, he caught the eye of KSWISS and landed a sponsor with the shoe company.

Ultimately, he split the airwaves in disruptive fashion coming through with fire EDM remixes including, “Luna” in 2018, “Eclipse” in 2019, “F.F.E (Fresh, Fascinating and Excited) in 2019, and Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” also in 2019. DJ Allure hails from Baltimore, Maryland and his eclectic soundscapes experiment with future, hip hop, house, tropical, and many other genres, although his signature presence remains in the cinematic quality found in each one of these genres.

One thing about DJ Allure is that he never misses, if his shot is directed at you, better be prepared to die (in the musical sense) as he comes through with heavy productions bearing weighty melodicism and expressive magic that literally lifts you up right off the ground and takes you on a spacewalk with mystical quality at its hold.

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His new single dubbed “Cou Cou” – an Deep House and chilled house flavored tune that is as a result of the transformation of his mental and emotional anxieties to design a track that will undeniably help those battling similar emotional battles find comfort in. This deep house and the stunningly chilled track is some type of vibe steeped in a meticulously captivating sense of atmosphere and boasting striking creativity. This 6 minutes long absorbing piece feels both deeply personal and scrupulously emotional.

This is a wonderfully performed track that has been deftly produced and astonishingly delivered heightening its effectiveness tenfold!

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