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Game Chasers Share Their Musical Guilty Pleasures

Talking us through their top five Musical Guilty Pleasures this week is deep house duo Game Chasers, who only recently released a new single for UK label Somn'thing Records. 

Take a listen through their picks below.

1) Jes & Game Chasers – “Carry Me Away”

This track has been a special one for us, and we finished it sometime ago early last year! We always knew this tune had that something – we just couldn't pin-point it at the time. Later on when Jes broke the News Markus Schulz wanted to remix it for us… (Holding back the screams as much as humanly possible), we got thinking: “Well it's pretty obvious he sees it!

This track was just something made for the club and radio and to be honest, Clint sings this one in the shower… all the time (not joking).

2) Game Chasers & Amber Skyes – “All Night Long”

The second we got hold Amber Skyes vocals for this track, we just knew right away that this was amazing… Right off the bat! We can recall sitting in the studio looking at each other and saying, “HOLY S***, this vocal is OFF THE HOOK!”

Amber did such an amazing Job on it, and we can see her making it really big one day. Amber is a guilty pleasure in herself and we can't wait to work with this talent again! For us, it's a perfect example of how vocal and production come together.

3) Pink Floyd – “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (Shant, 1/2 Game Chasers: Ultimate Guilty Pleasure)

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I watched a Pink Floyd concert when I was 12 years old, and my father got me the VHS. The first song that got played was “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” – the second it started I was inspired, mesmerised and hooked. I think it was Pink Floyd that really opened the doors to different styles of music and eventually got me where I am today in the dance world.

4) Massive Attack – “Angel” (Clint Maximus, 1/2 Game Chasers: Ultimate Guilty Pleasure)

I think for me remember hearing this back in the late 90's. I was already a massive fan of Prodigy and Chemical Brothers back then (still am), and this track just took me to a different world. There's so much going on in one track, it's crazy! Plus I remember the music video being so powerful; one thing I loved about Massive Attack's Music Videos was that each one such a powerful statement to make. 

5) Stardust – “Music Sounds Better With You”

Both myself (Clint) and Shant had to agree on this one, it's by far one of the best house tracks ever made! Still to this day, you can play it in a club and it still sounds fresh and upbeat. We even got inspired by this track when we made the tune “King For Day” – you can easily tell where the inspiration came from.

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