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EDM Sauce Interview with Breathe Carolina

The multi-talented musicians from Denver, Colorado, known as Breathe Carolina have come a long way within the music industry. The band formed in 2006 and have released four albums and four EPs. First emerging in the Alternative Rock and performing at music festivals such as Warped Tour. The band made the transformation into the dance music world in 2013 and released their album Savages in 2014. A year and a couple of banger releases and EP later and they were a part of the Spinnin Records family. “It’s every day, day after day, after day.”

“Spinnin Sessions is always good, it’s a really cool experience, it a really cool vibe in the hotel, everyone is here, all of our homies are here that we made songs with so today is what I look forward to the most.”

“All our friends are out here, the label is here, everyone from Europe is here. It’s like a vacation with a bunch of your friends and you just have to work a little bit and then not really sleep at all and then not really eat a lot and yeah that’s about it.”

Breathe Carolina isn’t slowing down their wild ride anytime soon with releasing new music, collaborations, the horizon is looking massive for the group. “We’re always collabing – definitely expect something soon.”

“We have a lot, a bunch of US festivals, bunch of festivals in Europe, an Asian festival, we have a lot of music coming out, we have an EP coming out in June. we announced that we’re going to play at Paradiso Festival and Dancefestopia – that’s going to be SICK! We have a bunch of other festivals that we can’t announce yet.”

With their high energetic personally, onstage and off they continue to entertain their fans with hit after hit in likes of Can’t Take It and ECHO collaborating with numerous artists such as Bassjackers, Crossnaders, Jay Cosmic, and Dropgun. Still keeping their original roots in some tracks, Breathe Carolina strides to create more music that we all love and enjoy listening to by doing what they know best by exploring more realms of music.

“It’s a lot, it’s constantly moving and going, it’s going to be a good year.”

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