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Q&A with Brooklyn Legend Vito Fun

Brooklyn DJ Legend, Vito Fun, has launched a new original sounding track, dedicated to the powerful message of bringing the art form of production back into an overly saturated scene. The song evokes emotions of the copy and paste attitude we so commonly see in the electronic dance music world these days. After listening to such a unique, carnival festival style track, the only thing that remained was to untie the enigma that was Vito Fun. EDMsauce got the perfect opportunity to sit down with him and discuss the meaning behind his new track, his perspective on the electronic dance music scene, and what this means for him moving forward. Check out the killer Q&A below!

Vito Fun Press 4
1. What is Less Talk More Art About, Whats the meaning of the Track to you.

Less Talk, More Art is about finding a home away from home. In the chorus she sings ‘lay down your heart here, no pain, no fear, we found a home here, a home here.' I originally co-wrote that with the singer about Burning Man. Burning Man was a place that made me feel like I was at home and I want the track to make people feel like they are in their happy place!

A lot of people don't feel comfortable where they are born and they migrate to big cities. They find their new home and new family there. I am lucky to have have found several homes all across the world and I wanted a song to remind people to find their home and find their way. That home could be a music festival, it could be Burning Man, it could be their summer beach town, it could be falling in love, etc

2. How was it working with Timberland, and what made you decide to become your own “artist” project
There are a lot of NDAs involved here.

Me and KOIL have pushed a lot of buttons for a lot of people, we made a lot of people famous. Working with ‘big' people is the same as working with anyone else. You roll in with professionalism and a good attitude, you don't stay up late partying the night before. No excuses and the answer is always ‘yaaaaaaassss.'

KOIL was in a smaller project called ‘The Fader Jockeys,' which was a name making fun of just pushing buttons all day. I thought that was genius and we decided to start a project together. Making music with your best friend is the dream!

3. Is Less Talk More Art, a message you are trying to send, and if so what is the real message you want people to get from this.

Less Talk, More Art is about shutting the fuck up and making stuff. People just talk and talk about making and doing things. Sometimes it's time to ‘just make good art.'

4. What is next For Vito Fun this Summer?

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A little too much 😉
Champion Lover by Nina Sky is coming out at the end of June, I made that with KOIL. It's a super hot summer record.

I have some more tracks coming out on Brooklyn Fire Records, tracks with Ce'Cile, Maluca, Daryl Gervais, Dai Burger, Ryan Skyy, remixes for PeaceBisquit and Audio4Play records. And hopefully I will re-release my record with Nicky Da B with Tommie Sunshine.

5. What would the one piece of advice be if your talking to a production guru, looking to become his or her own artist.

DO NOT COPY other people's art. You furthest you can go with copying other people's art is becoming their minion. There is only one Skrillex, there is only one Flume, don't be a part of the economy. Be your own economy!

Well there you have it! A quick dive into the mind that is ‘Vito Fun'. If there are any young producers out there looking to change the face of the music world, please heed this advice and blaze your own path. Your creative mind has no limits.

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