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Find Out Where Does Josh Wink Get Inspiration From [Interview]

During this year's MMW we were able to interview, a pioneer DJ who's an icon in the techno/house scene. Known for his ‘acidic bass lines and trippy break beats’ — Josh Wink is a master behind the decks and in the studio, and having his own successful record label imprint Ovum Recordings.

Born in Philadelphia, he is an veteran of Miami Music Week, hosting Ovum parties throughout the 21-year of the label’s history. Among other Miami festivities during Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference.

“This is my first day of ‘I gotta go to work’ — so I’m looking forward to it, I feel like a little of a prostitute right now being past around but I’m protected so I’m okay.”

Wink’s main concern during this year’s Miami Music Week was doing the rest of the parties that he had on his agenda.

“I’m doing the DJ Magnum 25 Year Anniversary Pool Party, then the 21 Year Anniversary Party at Do Not Sit On The Furniture. That's the thing I can’t wait for its always great, we have a special guests DJing an old friend of mine, from DC we’re gonna do a back2back session it’ll be fun. Plus we have MANIK playing, Sean Miller, so that's really what I’m looking forward to that and the Friday Pool Party for Nervous Records so its fun.”

“I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity so a lot of my choices have been like should I do three things a day or should I just do three things all week and then just have it just be right; and that really works for me more than anything.”

Josh Wink uses the month of March to not only use the events as an excuse to escape the cold winters, but also to spend time with his family. 

“Probably go to Jungle Island with my son and then we’re going up to Boca Raton doing a little family gathering thing.”

Wink has no rules or routine to his performances, whatever he does when it comes to making music and performing for his fans is that he's spontaneous.

“One of the most cool things about what I do is spontaneous, I mean I have my favorite places to play in the world and then I think I know what to expect but otherwise musically I don’t know what to present. That's one of the cool things I never know what to expect and never know what to give except for 100% maybe by playing house and then I end of playing techno or maybe I’m at a techno place and then I end up playing house, so I never know the beauty of what I do is that its spontaneous and its always looking forward to creative ways to go on a drop of a hat so that's it, I love it, I love it.”

What does inspire one to create incredible music, or build something, or even writing a book? There are many things in this world that can inspire a person to create a masterpiece, and in Josh Wink’s case its Life that inspires him to create music.

“Life, I wouldn’t say one thing in particular I’d say life experiences inspires me. I mean years before I had a son I guess where would I travel around the world and people would always see the meaningful relationships, young meaningful relationships, hearing other music, sleeping to other music, just world experiences like being a world citizen and being able to draw my influences like any other artist I would imagine. Architects drive their inspirations through other architects of nature and other buildings, musicians get their inspiration from other musicians or painters get their inspiration from other painters or colleagues and I wouldn’t say I had one thing that I would draw inspiration from except for life it self.”

“I non directly get influenced by my surroundings, you know, I hear music and then maybe I’m just like well maybe that's a neat idea maybe I’ll apply that to something that I do. Then when I found out that when I had my son that everything was going to change and musical, love, and the only that came from that was love but I wouldn’t say that he inspired me to make something, like I would thought by make this open track that would be the epic thing of my life that didn’t happen. I ended up not getting into the studio for a while, and trying to figure out who I am. I’m like a new person before I was Josh Wink and then Josh the guy and now I'm like Josh Wink the artist, Josh the guy, and then I'm a dad like where do I find time to running a record label, traveling, making music, and then being the guy the relationship, a friend, and also dad, I’m like a new person so that's the unique thing about I don’t know in other words where I draw through it but just through life.” 

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