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Fedde Le Grand Talks ‘Something Real’ In EDM Sauce Interview

“I wanted to challenge myself and not let my creativity be limited in any way. I hope I’ve created something real.”
-Fedde Le Grand

Well folks, the time has finally come. Fedde Le Grand has released the long awaited, highly anticipated new album ‘Something Real' today. The album is a culmination of over 3 years of production and spans an impressive fourteen tracks in total. It is a very diverse album featuring collaborations with Cobra Effect, Jared Lee, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Erene, Espa, and Grammy winner MoZella that results in a collection of sounds and styles that are rarely found in most dance albums. As the title suggests this album is truly something real.

Ensuring that each track has its own distinct flavor, from gorgeous vocally compelling numbers like “Beauty From The Ashes”, to 80's funk riffs in ‘Give Me Some’, Fedde has managed to effortlessly touch on numerous genres while still maintaining his signature sound. One particular highlight of the LP comes with Fedde’s cover of Corona’s timeless classic ‘Rhythm Of The Night’. The first time this iconic vocal has been cleared for use, the track bears all the necessary hallmarks of a summer smash hit. There is also talk of a club edit arriving soon, so be sure to keep an ear out for what undoubtedly will be a main-stage monster of a record.

Fedde Le Grand (Photo Credit: Chelsea Werner)

In support of the release of ‘Something Real', I had the opportunity to interview the superstar DJ/Producer and dig deeper into the album, the process, vision and what comes after. I couldn't be more excited to share this all with you. Check out the full interview below and be sure to support Fedde Le Grand by downloading his album ‘Something Real'.

Click HERE to download ‘Something Real'

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming album ‘Something Real'. What was the vision behind it?
“Something Real has been one of my biggest projects to date, and has essentially been 3 years in the making. It’s quite unlike my previous projects as my vision for the album was different this time around, which has a lot to do with how my taste in music has evolved since 2009. There’s a few progressive house tracks that people will recognize as my classic style, but there is also some down-tempo stuff that may come as a little surprise to my fans (a good surprise hopefully!).”

What was the process like putting the album together?
“Well I think key to the process is making sure you have a collection of songs that not only complement each other but that are also all a bit individual in their own particular way. So when I started thinking about making an album I had that in mind. It was great to work with some really talented producers along the way as well, like Merk & Kremont, who co-produced Give Me Some.”

What is the underlying meaning behind the title of the album?
“So my reasoning behind the album was to try and move the focus away from all the hype and pigeonholing that comes with releasing new music. I specifically tried to be as open-minded as possible working on this album and I wanted to challenge myself and not let my creativity be limited in any way. I think that’s resulted in some really great tracks and also gave rise to the title. I hope I’ve created something real.”

What is the plan for the rest of 2016 after the release of the album? Will there be a tour in support of it?
“There’s always a tour! I’ve got a few dates locked in for the next couple of months, including Ultra South Africa (Cape Town and Joburg) and of course GRAND – which will light up the Ziggo Dome on March 12th. I’m still confirming my summer dates so keep an eye out for those coming soon!”

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With the ever changing popularity in genres of EDM, what do you think about the current state of EDM? Where do you think it's headed in the future?
“I think EDM has never been stronger if I’m being honest. It’s a genre that is always in flux, with different sub-genre trends but I think when it comes down to it, dance music will be popular for many years to come. It’s impossible to tell what is going to be popular 10 years from now but I hope that I’ll still be putting out albums, which I guess is the most important thing for me!”

What are your thoughts on ghost producers?
“I think ghost producing is one of the bad side effects of the rise in popularity of EDM. For a lot of artists it’s all about the image, and the music comes second. Which obviously means that you get these DJs who outsource all their production to someone else who gets no credit and who will a lot of the time receive very little royalties compared to the DJ. So I’m very against it, and always focus on producing ‘Something Real’.”

What are some things that you've learned from the earlier days to currently as far as production goes?
“So much! Producing is not something that can be completely taught I think, it’s all about trial and error and finding your own particular style. I’ve been doing it for over a decade so I’ve seen the programs I use get more and more sophisticated, which has in turn allowed me to create tracks that I would never have been able to 10 years ago. I’m therefore constantly learning on the Job, and discovering new things with each track I make. It’s great!”

What are your goals moving forward?
“If you know me then you’ll know that I’m always in search of new projects. The goal at the moment is to make sure GRAND is as spectacular as it is in my imagination right now. There’s still so much to organize and prepare but things are slowly coming together bit by bit. After that it will be summer festival season so I guess the goal there is to showcase all my new music to as many people as possible. From there, who knows!”

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