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Macklemore – Downtown (Vito Fun x Koil Remix + Interview)


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One of New York City's most sought after local act, Dj Vito Fun, has recently released a remix of Macklemore's newest hit, Downtown, with his business partner KOIL. Vito Fun x Koil's remix takes on a future garage house spin of the record with delving basslines, chilled out tones, and killer FX that can absolutely make this track an instant hit in the club scene.

Vito Fun has been DJing since the late 90's starting out with the all too familiar vinyl tables and really kicked off his career while he was still in college.

“I was always into DJ culture, I grew up in it. My brother was a DJ in the 80's and I used to help him with all of his freestyle gear. New York City was always a city for DJ culture, but the beginning of the end was the first time I heard Danny Tenaglia spin; I was hooked. I bought my first set of turntables with my student loan check in the 90's and ate ramen noodles for a month. I ran a music lab in college while I was a TA, and was literally slaving synths to each other. I've been producing and DJing for about 15 years now, working with pop stars and other artists. My business partner, KOIL, and I, finally got sick of pushing buttons to make other people famous and decided to go for it ourselves.”

Speaking more about the tough road it is to become a DJ in today's world, Vito Fun gave us more insight into what it's like to grow as a DJ and how grateful he is for everything that he's got to experience.

“I'm very lucky to have been DJing so long. When I started we used to lug crates of records around, so people weren't so excited to DJ because of that. I feel like I'm juiced into NYC, I've just been DJing here for so long now.”

Before the interview ended, Vito Fun wanted to give us his opinion on the music scene and why he decided to remix Macklemore.

“So much of pop music really isn't musical; it's just music. People have gotten so used to so many DJ's basically ‘drone' on and on. This Macklemore remix was a no brainer for me though. I flipped out when I first heard the original and called my business partner to listen to it together. This is the best Macklemore track he's put out especially since it is mixed with Grandmaster Flash, and Arcade Fire/Queen in the chorus.”

Keep an eye out for Vito Fun and Koil to make some huge moves in 2016 as they will be putting out tracks and collaborations with some huge artists.

“In 2016, Koil and I, have original tracks and releases planned with Nina Sky, Nicky Da B, Maluca, Adam Joseph and Dai Burger. I'm also working on a huge project with one of Brooklyn's world renowned producer's, but I can't talk about that yet.”


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