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Up and Comer SwanBeats Talks Inspirations and Aspirations in First Interview Ever

Two weeks ago I met up with Texas' newest contender, SwanBeats, after he opened for Flux Pavilion in San Marcos to discuss the beginning of his rise to success. Ryan has been making insane trap bangers, and his remixes are starting to hit the near millions mark (before SoundCloud takes them down of course). Check out what he had to say below, and give him a like and follow on his social medias!

1) Y'all started a group called “Haze College” what inspired that idea, and what is the ultimate goal of the movement?

Ryan: I mean it was “Haze Music Group” at first, and then I met my boy Harrison, and that's when we saw the market for not just EDM shows but college shows as well, and we found out that was really more of a market for us with these college shows. Haze College is really just an open group that Books events for your school, so if you want an artist at your college, we'll book them!

2) Every artist has that defining moment/song where there dream becomes real to them, what song was that for you?

Ryan: We had a remix on Soundcloud of The Weeknd that broke 930k plays before it got taken down, and for me that's what told me “hey you can really do this”. That was really a defining moment for me, because you can look at all the statistics of where it's being played and there were like 20k in England and 7k in Canada, and that was just crazy to me, it really made me feel like I wasn't just your average DJ.

3) Who are other artists on the come up that you admire, and drive your sound forward?

Ryan: Ab the Thief has a bunch of different sounds and is really changing the game, and then guys like Slander who have that heaven trap style, and then NGHTMRE who's just revolutionizing the trap sound. Those are the guys I look up to and aspire to do the same!

4) How do you feel your small town upbringing made you who you are?

Ryan: Where I'm from, really everyone either listened to country, or hip-hop, and country is my least favorite genre, but I used to play football and hip-hop is what you got you hyped for your games. So really you can hear that in my sets, it's a lot of that hip-hop driven EDM, not necessarily all of those airy vocals you hear in house music.

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5) If you had to choose one movie to live in, what movie would it be and why?

Ryan: Oh The Wolf on Wall Street definitely. That movie symbolizes a kid who really didn't have anything growing up, and said f*ck it I'm gonna take drugs and get rich, and yeah a lot of people frown upon drugs and alcohol, but how bad things are for you depends on how you handle it. The same thing can be said for McDonalds and Dr. Pepper, life is about moderation. Back to the movie, I think it can be applied to all walks of life, not just Wall Street or music, because really anybody can say “hey I'm not going to live like this anymore” and go out and be something, and that's what inspired me.

6) You have three minutes to spend ten million dollars, and you can't keep whatever you don't spend, what would you buy?

Ryan: Oh man, I'm spending it on the team and a crazy vacation! A lot of people will buy cars, but my team is so big so I owe it to a lot of people to give them the best time of their life!

7) the holiday season is coming up, what is your favorite holiday and why?

Ryan: Probably Christmas! My family is number one, and my birthday is the 19th so you know that means double the presents! I also love snowboarding, it's my second favorite thing to besides music!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Ryan! You can catch him all around Texas right now, and be sure you keep an eye on him as he begins to rise from the south! Be sure to check out his Back To Back remix below, and his social medias and personal website for more information!

You can follow SwanBeats on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

You can find more information at: Swanbeats | Hazecollegebooking

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