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Catching Up With Cazzette: An EDM Sauce Interview

“I think its natural for an artist to evolve and I think that if you are creative you kind of have to move forward in a way, otherwise I just don't see it as being creative if you are just doing the same thing over again.”

The Swedish duo Cazzette have been well known for not sticking to a particular genre, which truly sets them apart from other producers and DJ's out there. When they are in the studio there is nothing holding them back or anyone telling them what a song should sound like. It just shows how creative these guys are as they continue to create and produce huge tracks. They released a 5 track EP over a month called ‘Desserts' and it proves just that with every track different in its own way. The duo is currently touring in support of this EP and I was able to chat with Alex from Cazzette before their show at Echostage in Washington D.C. about the new EP, the vision behind it, and many other interesting questions. Check out the full interview below!

You released your latest EP Desserts a month ago, What was the process like on that? What was the vision?
“So we kind of just decided to put out a lot of songs. We had been working for a while and had so many demos, tracks, ideas and we were like uh…what should we do? what's our next move? Ok, lets do an EP. We felt like we had so many good songs that we couldn't just put out single after single. We just wanted to give away a little bit more. We did ‘Sleepless', ‘Blind Heart', and then ‘Together' and then the EP, so it just made sense for us at the time to do that. As far as the vision, that's why its called desserts is for every song to have like its individual…I hate saying flavor because its so cheesy but like flavor or solo cause that's how all the songs were and we're like this is gonna be perfect.”

You released both ‘Sleepless' and ‘Blind Heart' as singles, How do you decide whether you want to release something as a single or something to include in the EP?
“We just didn't put them on the EP because then it would be 7 or 8 tracks in total and then I think people would kind of be like…Is it an album? Is it an EP? What's going on? Because even now with the songs that are on it people get confused, and they think it's an album but to us it's not an album.”

Since the release of the EP you guys have been touring nonstop in support of it, Do you get any time to relax or is it straight back into the studio?
“We have a few days off, but during those days we always book studios or interviews. There's always something going on. There's a few complete days off. We are pretty chill guys, so we either go hike or do some stuff… typical pretty boring stuff.”

How would you say your music has evolved from the days of ‘Beam Me Up' to ‘Sleepless' to the current EP?
“I think the main difference now is that we don't look at our music like EDM or club music. We look at it more like, oh this is a song you can play in a club but you can also play it in the car. The whole ‘Eject' album was very format oriented. Every track had their intros, breakdowns, and had a drop. I feel like now it's more oh, so this track sounds like this, its more of that vibe to the whole thing which is a lot more fun for us. Obviously it's been house and dancier but its just like we cant be creative when we know we have to do a certain like style or sound.”

What's next for you guys?
“We're gonna be touring pretty much all through out the year, but we have some time in December where we're gonna go back and work on new Cazzette material. So, that's going to be exciting. We have some cool stuff coming up that I can't talk about though. More music coming.”


You guys always play a lot of Hip Hop in your sets. Where do these influences come from?
“We are both huge fans of Hip Hop. That is what's cool about Hip Hop is that to us, it does not sound the same. Every producer has their own style or sound and its so refreshing. Where as I feel like a lot of this stuff sounds the same. If you go on Beatport or whatever, you don't go like “Oh Shit” that many times as you listen to Hip Hop. So that's why we play it. We play all the stuff we love. The sets now are really fun actually.”

Besides EDM, What other types of music do you guys listen to? Any guilty pleasures like Taylor Swift?
“Our guilty pleasure…well, we don't listen to it, but it's a fun thing like Luke Bryan. Besides that we listen to everything. If we want to create a song to have like a house vibe we go listen to rock for a week to put our minds out of the stuff that we are producing and get more interesting influences.”

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You've played all over the World, What is your most memorable performance to this point?
“This summer we played we played a festival in Romania for 50,000 people. We don't that crowd all the time obviously, so that was a lot of fun. It was just great energy and it was a really good atmosphere.”

Any places you have not been to that you would like to play?
“I haven't played anywhere in Africa yet, but that would be cool. I wanna go there sometime.”


Photo Credit: Glow Washington and Echostage

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