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Spread The Sound of DAZZ with Jordy Dazz {Exclusive EDM Sauce Interview}

“If it’s good music, then it’s good music and that’s all there is to it.”

These are all words that paint the unlikely success story of Dutch DJ/producer Jordy Dazz.

His style, character, and break-neck energy have not been wasted on an outstanding reign of the club scene and on dance floors worldwide. He produced as Jordy Lishious (until 2011), until he decided to change his production name as he began to perform at more nightclubs and festivals. A more smashing, short and catchy name fits these days with a new era of Jordy, here to spread “the sound of DAZZ.” With a ‘Dope & Dirty’ state of mind, his power to create music that best could be described as a mixture between heavy weight Fedde Le Grand and Hardwell. Topping it all off with his innovative and refreshing sound, you get a fresh blend of a ‘BIG room’ tech-house monster DJ/producer who is simply unstoppable.

The release of his über track Lump early 2011 on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings gave Jordy a big push on an international level. Jordy continued this strong line upwards with productions on ‘top-notch’ labels such as Funkagenda's Funk Farm Records, Spinnin’, Flamingo Recordings, and Black Hole Recordings. Speaking of ‘Dope & Dirty’: Dutch national FM station Slam FM is proud to host Jordy’s radio show ‘Dope & Dirty’ every first Friday of the month. A show which perfectly reflects his taste and view on ‘Big Room’ music. His Dope & Dirty podcast is also available through SoundCloud. A self made producer with the considerable benefit of some heavyweight industry support along the way, the road ahead looks promising for Jordy Dazz and his vision for peak time perfection outside of the universal comfort zone.

EDM Sauce had the chance to have a sit down interview with the talented artist at Tomorrowland; the extremely nice and funny producer had much to talk about – from his sneakers to his collaborations with Cobra Effect – ‘The Limit’ (Out Now on Beatport)… he's got lots of exciting plans in the making.

As we’re sitting down, the first thing one notices is his shoes.

“I’m super happy with them this week, they are customs,” he injects with laughter. “You can customize them on the website, you can say like everything you want to what fabric to what color you want. I like red so that’s it.”

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It’s safe to say that everyone had a memorable time this year, the energy was wild and fun. We had to ask about his experience, dealing with the madness of Tomorrowland.

“Tomorrowland is CRAZY, it’s my first time here, I’ve never played here before, I’ve never even attended here before,” he said. “Obviously I was super excited to come here and to find out that I was playing the Reveal Stage. At the beginning when we arrived it was raining a little bit which sucks but you know it is what it is and now its clear skies and it’s getting a little bit chilly but everything looks amazing. People are super happy, everyone is just up for partying and everything – like the overall vibe is just crazy, it’s insane – It’s overwhelming.

“I have three new original tracks that I'm going start with a brand new one so I’m excited to play that out for the first time. Basically my whole set is going to be (my) own material and own mashups which I like to call ‘Dazz Ups’ and I give away them away for free every two weeks through WAVO. I’ve prepared a lot of mashups for Tomorrowland and obviously the originals that I finalized. So yea I'm excited to play out all these tracks.” – Tiesto closed Tomorrowland with one of his ‘Dazz Ups' – Deorro & J-Trick & Hardwell vs. Blackwhited & Tybo – Rambo Avalanche (Jordy Dazz Dazz-Up)

Jordy Dazz continues on about his new collaboration with some talented friends…

“I just released a collaboration with Cobra Effect, they're two guys from L.A. its out on Fly Eye Records. Let me think, I have a bunch of originals coming out, they are collaborations that I’m working on but like 30 stages and finding out which way we’re gonna go. The Cobra Effect collab took over a year to finalize. It’s maybe a little bit to early to speak about names and everything because you never know how things are going but yeah I LOVE doing collabs if the vibe is good and the energy is good and like if the sound from a different artist is good then it’s obviously a great thing to do. That was the thing with Cobra Effect, I love what they are doing, I love their energy and music and I think the track that we did – ‘The Limit’ I think you can really hear both of our influences so that’s what makes a perfect collaboration for me just like how you can hear both sounds.”

Watch the Music Video of  Jordy Dazz & Cobra Effect – ‘The Limit' 

Speaking about collaborations, we asked if he would ever want to do a collab with someone outside the dance music scene.

“Oh yeah of course! I’m always saying Timbaland because I’m probably the biggest Timbaland fan in the world, he’s just the best producer in the world to me. I love everything he did, and like the old school Timbaland, Magoo, and Missy Elliott stuff, like Aaliyah obviously. I’m also a big fan of Justin Timberlake as well, like the older beats he used to produce for FutureSex/LoveSounds album (2006) – it’s just out of this world. Besides Timbaland, there are so many great musicians. It doesn’t really matter to me if it’s a famous guy or someone new, if there’s a good vibe, if there’s a good energy or something that works in the studio. It’s all about the music.”

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Jordy Dazz Interview

“Where I see myself from a year from now, well let’s see – hopefully still making awesome music. Music that I really stand behind, that I really love to make and to play out, hopefully people are still liking it obviously. Playing at festivals around the world, playing at bigger stages, basically what I'm doing now but like a step higher. As long as I can live my life and do the stuff that I love to do that’s like basically the best thing in the world.”

Hopefully in year from Jordy Dazz will be making more incredible fresh music, if he continues to release massive tunes like ‘The Limit’ and keeping up with his ‘Dope & Dirty’ radio show then there is no stopping him. Make you sure you stay connected with Jordy Dazz, to see if the talented artists is playing at a city near you or just to listen to his latest radio show. 

Connect with Jordy Dazz:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | YouTube

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