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DubVision Talks ‘Heart’ In EDM Sauce Interview

DubVision has continued to produce huge progressive house tracks and this time I think they've outdone themselves. The duo released their latest original track ‘Heart' back on August 10th, which currently sits at #5 on Beatport's Overall Top 100 Chart and peaking at #4. With the release of ‘Heart' comes an awesome music video which was filmed in Istanbul (see below). The Music Video is actually the vocal mix called, ‘I Found Your Heart' that features the beautiful Emeni, who is a singer, writer & producer from Sweden. Things just keep getting better and better for DubVision. I had the chance to talk to them about ‘Heart', the inspiration behind it, and what's next for the Dutch duo. Check it out below!

Click HERE to Purchase ‘Heart' on Beatport

‘Heart' currently sits at #5 on Beatport and the video has over 600k views on Youtube. What was the process like on this track? Was it any different then your others?

“The idea started with the cut-up voices and from there on we built a support melody. Then we flew to Stockholm to work with this amazing sing/songwriter Emeni. Her and her partner wrote the lyrics for Heart, and it became ‘ I found your heart'. Beside that we took a lot of time for finding the instruments for the lead and the chords. What’s so special is about this track for us is that the cut-up vocal parts are sort of an answer to the emotional lyrics of the vocal by Emeni. Of course with the melody and drop following I think this is our favorite track we made at the moment.”

What was the inspiration behind ‘Heart'?

“We Like making emotional music with powerful drops. I think we actually wanted to make a track for all the people, the fans, and everybody we met these past years. It’s a track from the Heart, for those who have supported us. We wanted an emotional drop, but happy and uplifting, a track which brings back memories and joy, even when you play this 3 years from now. We really tried to make a timeless track with this one and wanted to show our love and appreciation through this track. That’s why we chose to make a video clip where we literally ask our fans to come find us on the streets of Istanbul (we had a wicked show there and the city has so Many incredible spots to film), so we could give them a balloon heart, symbolizing our heart. I guess you could really say we made this one from the heart for our fans.”

Do you guys have a feel or sense that a track you produce is going to be bigger/more successful than previous tracks?

“Well with ‘Heart' we had that, but also with other tracks for instance like the ‘Committed to Sparkle Motion’ remix we did for Axtone and the collab with Sander van Doorn. The beautiful thing about producing and making actually your own music is that every note you put on paper is yours. That moment when you know you have a killer hook while working in the studio is just indescribable. Now because of our years of experience, we know when something is going to be good. If we didn’t make music, we definitely wouldn't be playing. It all starts with the magic in the studio.”

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What's next for you guys as far as new material? Remixes? Originals?

“We like to experiment with making music. We love making tracks like ‘Heart' but we also want to make other stuff, and try new things. Eventually we want to be able to play a set with only our own music. We think a set needs different kinds of vibes, groove, harder melody. So our next track is going to be different then ‘Heart’, it’s a little harder, and it has groove and sexiness, but still DubVision style. We are doing a remix for a huge name in the game and we are busy with some collabs as well, also some huge names. So exciting, so follow us on our pages so u keep updated on what’s next!”

What is your favorite DubVision track and why?

“I think Heart is our favorite at the moment because of the making of it but especially as we explained earlier, that we really made it for our fans. The whole concept around the track with the supporting video clip just makes everything right. Production wise its also a little bit better then the previous tracks perhaps. It just shows who we are and where we stand right now.”


I've been a fan of you guys for a long time now, and just love the energy, power, and emotion all of your tracks bring. Where does this all come from?

“We both had piano lessons, from classical to blues to pop, and at some point it was just fun to make your own little songs, so we did. With the whole class once every year, I think it started right there. We both just love beautiful melodies, and to be able to create a song around some melody you came up with is just the best feeling in the world. We feel so blessed that we are able to make music.”

What has been the highlight of 2015 so far? And what are you guys looking forward to for the rest of 2015?

“Track-wise, I think the release of ‘Heart' is the highlight so far, but there is so much more exciting stuff coming, more original stuff, collabs and remixes. The reaction of the crowd on a new production is always very exciting and a bit scary sometimes.”

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DubVision even has a ‘Heart Chart' on Beatport, which is a playlist of their favorite 10 tracks right now. The playlist features tracks from Firebeatz, Tiesto, W&W, and of course DubVision along with several others. Check it out!

Click HERE to purchase DubVision's Heart Chart

DubVision on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter
Emeni on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Photo Credit: Facebook

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