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A Brief Q&A With TWRK

TWRK is a production duo made up by Benzi and DJ Esentrik and they recently released their new EP We Are TWRK through Diplo's globally recognized imprint, Mad Decent. If you haven't already, stream the project here and support it on iTunes here. I had the chance to ask the guys some random questions the other day, check out what they had to say on an assortment of topics after the jump:

How did you guys meet and create this collaborative project?
Esentrik – We met on the internet. I used to send Ben my demos/remixes to him so I could get on one of his mixtapes and it eventually it lead to working on music together.

Are you guys excited for the forthcoming tour? What's one of the craziest tour stories for you two [with TWRK or in your solo careers] Have you guys ever been on tour for this long?
Yes very much so. We can’t wait to play the new stuff off the EP for everyone with some other new jams we have hidden in the stash. We played a show and after party with Peking Duk in Australia. Those guys can party hard haha. Trying to keep up with them is pretty wild. I think we all recked a hotel room from partying so much at one point, Benzi might of been in a trunk of a car posing for pictures…
Nope, our Australia/NZ tour was pretty long but this upcoming one doesn’t even compare to that one.

Who are some artists who have influenced TWRK?
Mr. Collipark/Ying Yang Twins since they collectively started the “Twerk” sound years ago and probably Diplo, since he’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to music. “Express Yourself” was huge for him by incorporating the New Orleans bounce sound which also influenced us.

How is it working with Mad Decent?
They've been great and very supportive throughout the EP process. We’ve done a couple of remixes for them in the past and done many Diplo & Friends mixes so it was only right to do an EP with them.

Who are some of your favorite, non electronic artists of all time [dead or alive]
Esentrik – Pharrell, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, J. Cole
Benzi – Mike Posner, Wu-Tang, Bebe Rexha

If you guys could collab with anyone on a TWRK record who would it be?
Pharrell, Amerie, Ashanti

What was your guys favorite record to make on the new EP?
“Dump It” cause it’s probably the most melodic thing we’ve done together and it was something different than the regular TWRK sound.

Do you guys tend to make music together in the same room / studio or transfer WIPs to each other over the internet and build on top of them that way?
We used to live in different cities so everything was thru emails but now that we both live in NYC, we can do everything in the studio together.

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How did you come up with the name for the EP? Is there a deeper meaning behind it?
At times, people thought TWRK was one person so to kind of solve that, we called the EP “We Are TWRK.” Plus, it sounds cool and it’s our instagram name.

I saw that you [Esentrik] are into sports, who are your favorite teams & who is your favorite althete of all time? Who do you listen to when you work out at the gym?
People that know me know that I’m a huge Knicks fan. That’s all I talk about besides music. My favorite athlete is Michael Jordan, even though he killed my Knicks growing up 🙁 I listen to anything that’s on my iPhone so it could some 50 Cent, Jay-Z, or some random demos I made.

Benzi I noticed your into ‘weird documentaries' would you recommend any good ones you've watched lately? What's your favorite Documentary of all time?
I like a lot of ones from the BBC/UK. “Meet the Bronies” is a weird one where adult men are obsessed with “My Little Pony.” I also like reality TV too. “Geordie Shore” and “Party Down South” are my faves.

Stuck on an island with only 3 things what would they be & why?
EsentrikMacbook so I can make beats, iPhone so I can snapchat my lonesome life, and chapstick for obvious reasons.
Benzi – iPad so I can watch my shows, E-Cigarette cause that’s my buddy, and hoodies just in case I get cold.

Do you guys like performing out more or working in the studio on new music?
Both have its perks but nothing beats performing in front of a large crowd and everyone having a good time with you.

Describe the new EP in 2 words – go;
Bass, Bounce

Tell us something most people don't know about you [random]
Esentrik – I was valedictorian of my college class.
Benzi – I used to work at KFC.

Favorite venue in the world & why?
We played a festival in Jakarta, Indonesia and it was one of the livest crowds we ever performed in front of. They knew every song and gave it their all during our set.

Do you guys like playing more – over seas or in America?
America cause that’s home for us but we’re always amazed by how people overseas know our stuff and how crazy they can get during shows.

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