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Mr. Soul House: Interview with Michael Calfan

Michael Calfan

Michael Calfan quickly evolved from rising star in the global dance scene to protagonist of a fresh new sound. Talk about ‘soul house', dance music with a sensitive quality, not only made to get bodies moving but also touch the audience's hearts. He is bridging the gap between EDM and the underground, with hit after hit. It's all there in his distinctive, international hit Treasured Soul, as well as other productions the French DJ has delivered these last years. By all means Michael Calfan arrived at exactly the right moment.

A couple of days ago its been announced that Michael Calfan is going on a North American, hopefully stopping at a city near you. He is making a special appearance with Oliver Heldens at Pacha New York City. EDM Sauce was lucky enough to snag in an interview with the fascinating Michael Calfan.

Being that Treasure Soul is such a huge hit, my first question had to of been, What inspired you to make Treasured Soul?

“There are a lot of things that are inspiring for me. For Treasured Soul it was thanks to my tour, my travels and people I met during these tours (In South Africa, in Asia…)”

What gave you the inspiration for Prelude?

“I started to make this track last year when I was in Los Angeles, and the whole city gave me inspiration. For me it’s the perfect place to produce music, it’s full of art and there is a kind of special atmosphere when you are walking in the streets.”

What have you done with the jolt of success?

“Nothing changed for me, I still continue to work hard, having fun with my friends etc..”

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What inspired you to make the Music Video for your remix to Koala?

“Nothing, to be honest, as Spinnin' made it”  🙂

Why did you choose to remix Oliver Heldens’ Koala? 

“Spinnin' proposed it to me and it was a challenge for me to move from the future house sound and make something different. I think I succeeded, cause people are not recognizing the original version in my remix.”

When Spinnin’ Sessions invited you to be a guest mix for their show, What were your exact feelings?

“It’s not the first time, I made it a few months/year ago, so don’t remember the feeling, but loved being a guest of course!”

What Music Festivals do you wish to perform at?

“I think the next goal for me is to play at Coachella, let’s work and maybe next year” 🙂

Whats on the horizon for Michael Calfan?

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“I have 5 or 6 track almost done, so I hope it will be a big year for me. I will just make music I love and hope people will love it too.”

You've already collaborated with a slew of producers, name a DJ/producer that you would like to collaborate with that you haven't before and why?

“There are a lot of artist I would like to collaborate, singers like La Roux or artists like Disclosure or Martin Solveig.”

Who inspired you the most when working with?

“Like in collaboration, I have a lot of sources of inspiration. I’m taking the best in each and trying to mix it in my own way. So no, I don't have one artist in mind.”

What do you think about the genre “Soul house” and where its going towards the future?

“Soul House is just the music I love, when I listen to music I like to be touched by the voice or by the melody. I need to feel the ‘Soul' in it, that’s why I’m trying to make music with a real soul. I don’t know if it will be big, but I just want to continue to make the music I love. I don’t care about the name people give it, I care about their feeling when they hear it.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Time will tell.”

Who knows what's in store for Michael Calfan in the next few years, all we know is that hes making a name for himself, and he already has his own genre. Michael Calfan is one of the talented music producers of 2015, this is only the beginning for him.

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Connect with Michael Calfan:  Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Treasure Soul

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