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Exclusive Interview with Bassanova

Couple of days ago, I wrote an article about Bassanovas remix of “Blame” by Calvin Harris. The feedback both on here and Soundcloud was extraordinary. It suprised me how massively the word about Bassanova spread, and so I took my chances to ask him couple of questions. Great News is, he dropped a new song “City Lights” as well as a remix of “When the Beat Drops Out” and so he is busy!

Without further ado,here is what Bassnova had to say to questions I threw at him.

Your remix of “Blame” by Calvin Harris got plenty of love here on EDM Sauce, did you expect this sort of feedback?

“I’m still buzzing by all the great support it had. No, I never expected it to grow this big. I just loved the vocals in the track and decided to make a more progressive drop edit, and then it turned into some sort of ‘Soundcloud’ hit. After the Hardwell support, and then Martin Garrix support, it just exploded !! And when you posted it, I got so much love from followers of your blog, so through this way I want to thank you and all the shown love by your followers!”

What's your biggest motivation and inspiration?

“My biggest motivation is my passion for music, and I feel blessed to be able to produce music the way I want to. It has been a real challenge get to this level, but by never quitting and everlasting practice I’ve reached the point where I am at now. The quality can always improve, so I still learn every single project, but it’s great to see and sense the worldwide support and love on my tracks, which motivates me even more.”

“My biggest inspiration is Avicii to be honest. I’ve been following him a long time, even before he was famous, and the way he blends in his ideas with dance is just amazing. When he first combined Country with Dance, everyone was skeptical, but I was hooked. I love innovation and originality, so I can definitely say Avicii is one of my biggest, and perhaps thé biggest inspiration for me. I’m actually working on a project with a Country singer right now, so keep an eye on my pages!”

Have your songs have any stories behind them or are they just tunes you make on the go?

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“Often, my tracks do have stories behind them. For example, my track ‘City Lights’. I was just thinking about New York, and I saw someone walking down the streets (all in my head), trying to find his way up to the top by singing and playing everywhere he could. So I wrote lyrics based on my thought and created the perfect vibe around the lyrics. I really like stories behind tracks, and ideas, because it gives me something to hold on to while I’m working on a new project.”

What was your starting point?

“I started off like a lot of other producers, in my bedroom at my parents’ house. I was about 15 when I first touched producing tools. I was instantly hooked. I felt an urge to continue practicing to be able to make quality music. So I missed out on a lot of regular High School things (going out, parties etc.), but it’s all worth it. Everyone has a passion/love, mine is producing music!”

Are you doing DJing in clubs? If not, would you want to do it?

“I have some gigs now and then. I had the honor of touring in West-Canada and South-Africa last summer, so that was really great. I am focusing on new projects in the studio, but I really love to perform. I love to drop my tracks , and I get goose bumps if people dance and go wild on my own tracks.”

Have you got any signature sign/animal/food/object?

“I don’t have food or animals specifically linked to me as Bassanova. I do however always bring ‘Bassanova’-snapbacks to gigs to throw them into the audience. I also give away these caps on my Facebook page sometimes, I just love the interaction between me and my fans!”

Are you signed on to any label? If not what would be your dream label to be assigned to?

“I’m not signed to a specific label right now. Yes I have a dream label. It would be a dream coming true to sign tracks on Island Records and/or their 4th & Broadway label. Yes, that is one of my life goals!”

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Your new single City Lights with Freek Lohuis is a stunner I must say, really good song. What was it like working with Lohuis to create this?

“Thank you very much for your kind words! As I mentioned earlier I had this specific idea on the track when I wrote the lyrics, and I met Freek a while ago through some shared singing videos he posted. I really liked his voice and invited him in the studio, we finetuned the lyrics and the sessions we did for ‘City Lights’ were really nice. We both felt the energy and vibe in the track, and are both really satisfied with the result. We’re still looking for a label that would be interested in signing it, so let’s see what the future has to offer!”

Dream venue to play on?

“There would be a lot of venues to mention, but I’ve always dreamed to play in New York City, in multiple venues, and especially Pacha NYC.””

“If it comes to festivals I would really love to play EDC, Ultra and Tomorrowland/world!”

Massive thanks to Bassanova and his manager for all the help in order to make this happened.

I must say, Bassanova is incredibly talented. His tracks and remixes just show how much effort and determination he puts into all of his work, which is great to see.

I wish all the best for Bassanova in the future, and thank him for this amazing interview.

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