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Electro Soul

Manic Focus – On The Horizon

Manic Focus's background in creating hip hop beats is completely evident in all of his tracks, but this one serves as a prime example. Hip Hop instrumentals are built to let rhymes flow through them like water, without drowning out the original groove of the beat. Prepped for collaboration, they greet the listener with wide arms, welcoming them into the tune and proposing participation. And, this is exactly what Manic Focus's tracks do. Yet, unlike most hip hop instrumentals, no lyrics are necessary. Where lyrics ordinarily might go, Manic Focus fills in the gaps with old soul samples and groovy basslines. In this particular track, he chooses a twangy banjo to guide us through.

Clearly reminiscent of old Pretty Lights tunes, Manic Focus knows exactly where to perfectly place the samples, twinkly and happy bells, and just the right amount of simple dubbed out bass breakdowns. Although this tune can be classified as “electro chill” it does in fact provide a nice amount of excitement, but in a funky yet mellow way.

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