Manic Science, a collaboration project between Manic Focus and Break Science, has been quiet on the music front for some time. But now that silence has been broken with their song “Put Em Up.” Known for their blend of electronic and funk sounds, this track lives up to their reputation with some additional flavors.

The energy is high from the start, as swing influenced percussion gives it a fast feel. The vocals are reminiscent of Fatman Scoop, adding to the hype.  Eventually it slows, and the synth heavy bassline comes in with a bang. “Put Em Up” will have people dancing, will you be one of them? Take a listen down below and hear for yourself.

AJ Mallardi
I am AJ. My music taste is eclectic and my personality is electric. I listen to nearly all genres, but DnB and house are my favorites. Amtrac, Maya Jane Coles, Current Value, Deru, and Lucio De Rimanez are my most listened to artists. The first eighteen years of my life were spent in South Jersey, followed with stints in York, PA and Seattle, WA. Currently I live in Nashville, TN.