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Electro Soul

Estef Drops New Single (Interview)

While “Come Around” isn't a a typical EDM release it has bits and pieces of it's influence sprinkled all over it. Estef is a Nashville newbie who writes and sings on all her own music and has collaborated with future bass guru Pink Slip a couple times in the past. “Come Around” is the first time I've heard her music but it won't be the last, she's doing something really special here. I'd also love to hear this remixed by different types of producers to see it in a different vein, it could be interesting. Check out her recent single “Come Around” below and also read our interview with the rising star under that stream.

What is it like working outside of country music as a musician living in Nashville? 
Living in Nashville as a pop artist is so exciting! People underestimate the scene that is growing here. When you’re surrounded by so many amazing musicians it’s impossible for cool stuff not to happen and it’s so fun to be a part of!
Who are some of your favorite fellow up and comers in the scene around Nashville?
Marshall Magic is an electro-pop duo that absolutely slays my life. Their songs are so fun and they bring such a great energy! Also, Ashley Leone an absolute R&B dream. Her voice is unreal and her music is so dope.
You've collaborated with Pink Slip quite a few times, are you guys working on anything new? 
We may have a few tricks up our sleeve! Pink and I have been best friends for a long time and we’ll probably always be working on something together.
What would your dream collaboration be? The artist can be dead or alive. 
This is so hard!!! If I could collaborate with anyone it would have to be Pharrell. He just has such amazing groove and every song he makes is so unique, but you still know it’s a Pharrell song.
What are you top 3 favorite albums of all time?
(order dependent on my mood)
Channel OrangeFrank Ocean
This Girl’s In Love With YouAretha Franklin
Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
What do you enjoy more: performing live or creating & writing music in the studio?
I think performing live because it gives me the opportunity to take the music I create and actually deliver it personally to an audience. A lot of my writing is fueled by my emotions, my anxiety and just life in general, so being able to tell the stories in person is very liberating.
Who are some of your major musical influences?
I grew up on soul and Motown so my love for music is rooted in that era. Artists like Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack and so many others inspired me not only to sing melodies, but to really feel music. The older I got I started focusing on writing and listened to a lot a jazz, rap and even some old country. By studying all the ways I could tell my stories, I found my voice in music.
What inspires you to create? do you a reoccurring  have a song writing process?
Life is my biggest inspiration. I find it hard to write songs that aren’t directly personal to me. My process varies, but 9.5 times out of 10 I start with writing the verses and lets the “hook” find it’s way into the song. Stories go from beginning to end and I believe that’s the best way to write music as well.
How did you come up with the stage name estef?
I have to give my parents credit for that. My full name is Estefania, and when I was growing up my name had so many syllables that the nickname, estef, just kind of happened. Like I said before, all my music is written about my life and my experiences so using the name that everybody calls me feels right. It’s just me.
If you could play any festival in America which one would it be and why?
Outside Lands in San Francisco, for sure! When I was in high school my best friend Emily and I went and it was the first festival I had ever been to. I saw Paul McCartney play and sing all the classic Beatles songs I listened to as a kid. To this day it is still my favorite live music experience, and it would be so cool to be able to play there and have everything come full circle!
When can we expect your debut album or EP?
When is your next concert?
I’m actually taking a break from shows to focus on recording, but next year I plan on playing a lot so if you follow me at @itsestef you can stay updated!

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