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10 Year Old Aiden Jude Goes Through His Process Of Creating a Track [Exclusive]

Back on April 15th, EDM Sauce was notified about the 10 year old Aiden Jude who had just released his first track called “Tonight.” At first the track was greeted with praise, but it was only a matter of time until thousands of people chimed in to call Aiden a fake, using ghost producers as well as accusations that EDM Sauce received money from his parents to post the article.

Aiden Jude has just released his second track “Everybody in Da House,” and along with it, Aiden has uploaded the video below showing his process to creating a song.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Aiden Jude as we find out just what a normal life of a 10 year music producer is like.

What's the musical upbringing of your childhood been like?
>>> I've been around music pretty much since I was born. My dad was a musician, he always had guitars and instruments around the house. He ran a commercial studio so I've been around it since I remember anything. for a while all he had us listening to was Jazz. I started taking Piano lessons when I was 6 years old. Took some Alto Sax for while and even drums for little while. In the past 2 years I just got sucked into electronic dance music. Inspired by Swedish House music and dance in general. Next was CDJs and then Logic. I have my nexus 2000 now pretty much attached to my bed along with 2 Laptops where I do my home production. When I'm not in school or producing at home I go to the Label's studio in midtown for bigger sound system.

What have been your favorite artists growing up?
>>> Believe it or not, while i've been around all sort of music, jazz and fusion were almost forced into my ears. But I slowly found what I was more interested in was more that 4 on the floor. Went from epic melodic Swedish house to for a while just deadmau5. Those tight beats. Today its just everything house. My heart is in playing festival electro bangers. I just love that energy. Lately I've been playing gigs where I was called to play more laid back stuff and I kind of dig deep and tech and just house. I'll go with anything good. If its good music I love it.

What are your dreams and goals for your future?
>>> I want to keep making records. As many as I can. I'd like to do some collaborations with known guys. I'd like to show them how I produce my stuff and hope they would like it and want to work with me. Most of all I'd like to play these massive stages in front of tens of thousands of people and make them feel. I want to be respected by everyone in the industry. I work very hard every day like everyone else. Learning, producing and djing and trying to build my brand. Its not easy for someone my age. i still have to go to school and dealt with a lot of critics. But I know as long as I keep putting music out it will all go away.

What do your friends think of your DJIng/music production?
>>> My friends from school want to do tracks with me. They are all into it. Some don't understand it. I spent the weekend with my best friend since we were born. we're same age. He's pursuing basketball. He's very good to. And he goes through the same stuff with his thing. But we both agreed that as long as we will work hard every day, we'll get what we want. We're both risk takers and we're both obsessive about what we like to do.

What has been your most valuable lesson learned from your mentors?
>>> so many lessons. First of all hard work. Some tell me to slow down. Some don't. they say just go for it. Live. Don't be the guy that said I wish I did.

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What has it been like being mentored by such great talent?
>>> I learned great techniques from Esquire. He was DMC champs last year. Ming is super nice. Teaching me about everything. Not only more on production but how to be in this game and what to do as a brand. From podcasts to releasing bootlegs and free music. I'm surrounded by great guys that have been doing this a lot longer than I've lived. Greg helps with everything. He actually was first to turn me on to producing a while back. I'm so grateful to all of them and I feel very lucky that I get to learn form such experienced guys.

What's a normal day for you?
>>> If I didn't play a gig the night before I'm pretty early riser. I spend first hour researching for New Music online, i may work on a tune or two. I eat, go to school. I'm back at 3PM, I see my brother and sister and back to music. I produce, make podcasts, sometimes lock my room and practice mixing (i basically do almost every day) I might go to the studio in midtown. If i have a gig, I prep my set. load up my USB sticks and back ups. The other day I ended up playing instead of hour and half over 3 hours and had to scramble for more music. Now I make sure to always have enough ready even for 4 hours if I have to. I'm always with my family. May dad or my mom are with me at every gig. The minute its done, I'm on my way home and then I pass out. Its a lot of work. but I love it.

Listen to Aiden's new song “Everybody In Da House” below:

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