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EXCLUSIVE: Aiden Jude Drops Banger “EXPRESSIONS” Mix

One of the youngest producer/DJs in the game, Aiden Jude, has been taking the EDM scene by storm over the past few years with his promising sound and sound manipulation skill. Still attending school, the New York City based creator has been balancing his heavy schedule to excellence and has driven his career to massive heights at an age most of us were more worried about attracting the opposite sex. Taking notice to his rapid growth and production ability, we would be crazy not to partner and get this dudes sound out to the masses. Introducing an exclusive mix with the man himself, Aiden Jude.

Coming off an insane show at The Clevelander during MMW, news has dropoped that a new single titled “Waves” is about to be dropped with the help of Max Landry. We looped in, got some information and we are proud to introduce the release of the exclusive mix “EXPRESSIONS”. Loaded with massive hits, we are ecstatic to release this and help deliver with the sound that Aiden has grown so renowned for. We had the opportunity to connect with Aiden for an interview prior to the release of his track “Waves” and mix “EXPRESSIONS”.

It's hard to achieve “overnight success” in this industry. What did the path to becoming a young EDM producer/DJ look like for you?
Since the day I was born, I've always been surrounded by not only various types and genres of music, but different art forms as well, such as painting, sculpture, etc. My dad being a jazz musician for various years, there was always complex music theory playing in different forms throughout the house. One being though artists like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and other artists of this nature. At one point, he opened up a commercial studio where I would hang out with the engineer all the time, watching and listening to different indie bands, rappers, producers, and more come through and record. My uncle is a prominent DJ in the fashion and private event industry, so I had already been exposed in some capacity to the world of DJing, but once I had discovered the world of dance and electronic music, I had instantly fell in love with it. After going to one or two concerts, I had decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life, so right from there, I got started on learning the art of Music Production and DJing. Throughout my early and middle childhood, I had already taken multiple classes and sessions in learning instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, guitar, recorder, drums, and of course, piano. I've forgotten how to play some of those instruments, but they gave me a great head start into understanding music composition and theory.

What were some of the major obstacles that you had to overcome to get to where you are?
Balance between school and music was always something I had to figure out from the beginning. Figuring out the best way to do both in a way that they can both be successful.

Talk to us a bit about 2017, what were some successes you took out of the year as an artist?
For me, 2017 was really a year of finding myself as an artist. You wouldn't necessarily hear it in the music I released, but if you went through my drive, you would definitely hear what I mean. I really took the year to figure out what I want my sound, image, and brand to look like. I did this through experimenting with different music styles, in production and on the stage, which helped to really narrow down a direction for myself. I think this really shows in my more recent release, Sub Zero, and in some of my upcoming releases as well.

How was MMW? Your label threw an event correct?
On Sunday of MMW, my imprint label, Crowd Records, threw an awesome MMW event at The Clevelander Hotel, which I was thrilled to play. We had Destructo, Prince Fox, Phantoms, Zack Martino, and a bunch others that rocked it poolside with us from 12:00PM to 9:00PM.

What do you have on in the pipeline for New Music in 2018?
End of April, I'll be putting out my next track, Waves, on my own label. It goes a little bit more experimental, and even tad deeper into the rock oriented future bass I was doing before with Sub Zero. Really excited for that one. Plus, the awesome remix package for Sub Zero will also be coming out soon on Lowly Palace, including mixes from Boehm, DJ Kue, and Holly.

What imprint do you hope to leave on your fans and the industry over your career?
I'd like people to get the impression that I'm not afraid to try new things. I believe that music is not only about innovation, but it is also about experimenting. Take Pat Metheny for an example. With every album he puts out, there is a completely different theme, and often style to the music. In some, you could even say that he has an entire style of his own, separate from most, if not, all other artists in jazz. Now, in no way am I comparing myself in any shape or form to someone like Pat Metheny, but I do hope that over the course of my career, I can leave that same sort of impression on people not only through music releases, but also through my shows, podcast, and all the rest.

What were some key inspirations behind this mix?
With this mix, I was trying trying to go in a more psychedelic direction. You can hear it in the different sections, such as how in certain parts it becomes more trancy, or in other parts it goes a little deeper into the drum & bass direction.

Some promising things here! And without further ado, we present to you Aiden Jude in the mix with “EXPRESSIONS”, with a sneak peak at his upcoming single release!

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1. Krayysh – Cold Ash
2. Jaron – Apollo
3. Skrillex – Summit (Anki Bootleg Remix)
4. Haywyre – Impulse
5. xxyyxx – Fields
6. Alison Wonderland – Happy Place (I Am Lost Flip)
7. Flight Facilities – Arty Boy (feat. Emma Louise) [Tennyson Remix]
8. French Montana – Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) [west1ne Remix]
9. Somn3um – Talk Love (feat. Tommy Parker) [Walka Remix]
10. Bicep – Rain
11. Purple Haze – Contrast
12. Freedom Fighters, Mr Bill & Sensient – Straya
13. Hudson Mohawke – Cbat (Boombox Cartel Remix)
14. Billboard – Souvenir
15. Porter Robinson – Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)
16. DJ S.K.T – Take Me Away (feat. Rae) [Andy C Remix]
17. Feint – Outbreak (feat. MYLK)
19. Tyler The Creator – See You Again (Louis Futon & GRiZ Flip)
20. Logistics – Together
21. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Hex Cougar Remix)
22. Devault – Nothing New
23. San Holo – One Thing (ILIVEHERE. Remix)
24. SNAXX & E-VO – Blueberry Dreams
25. Mako – I Breathe
26. Virtual Self – a.i.ngel (Become God)
27. Glenn Morrison – Mine & Yours (feat. Elise) [Matt Lange Remix]
28. Notaker – Infinite
29. The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy (Owen Norton Remix)
30. Puppet & Foria – Bigger Picture
31. Pegboard Nerds – Speed of Light (Andy C Remix)
32. Flite – We Are One
33. MYRNE – In Da Club
34. Unlike Pluto – Nothing Wrong With Me
35. Aiden Jude – Sub Zero (feat. Max Landry)
36. Aiden Jude – Waves (feat. Max Landry)​

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