Aiden Jude

Recently we have seen a good amount of young aspiring producers make waves in the electronic dance music scene. With Martin Garrix at 17 receiving a platinum award for ‘Animals', Aiden Jude is no different. Being born and raised in New York, Aiden has been around music all his life. He credits his father and uncle for introducing him to the music he now loves. Being so young, he hopes to to pave the path for other young producers alike in hopes to do what they love.

His first official release ‘Tonight', which is currently on Beatport and a soon to be released remix EP on April 28 shows that age is not a factor. Jude has a few gigs in LA and New York, as well as opening up for Mobb Deep in Hollywood. He may be young but when it comes to music, there is nothing stopping him..who knows we might just see him at Ultra next year.

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Managing Editor for EDM Sauce. I regularly cover events in the San Francisco Bay Area as I primarily focus on bass driven genres and hard dance.
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