Aleksander Vinter, better known as Savant, is undoubtedly the hardest working producer that you've probably never heard of; how many producers can boast about releasing ten full-length albums, including three being released in 2013 alone (that's right; read that again and let it sink in). It hasn't even been a month since the release of his latest album, the well-acclaimed Orakel, and he has just announced on his Facebook page that he's planning on releasing a free album via his Soundcloud, putting out each new tune once it's finished.


Today, he released the first song off the currently untitled album, called “Amerika.” The track runs at a peculiar 199 bpm, but the piano chords, bell tones and smooth bass intro juxtapose the frantic rhythm of the drums. The break then features samples of Youtube comedian Kassem G quizzing people on America and world history, and receiving painfully incorrect answers. The buildup then brings a child-rendition of the popular “America, Fuck Yeah” song, which then drops into some fast, strong glitch sounds with a hint of gabber. The next part features an 8-bit inspired synth line that Vinter loves to use in his productions, and the next drop features some heavier glitch, as well as a surprise trap attack of 808 snares and fast hi-hat rolls.


The tl;dr version: This is what complextro is (because it's complex, get it?), and it's awesome.


You can download “Amerika” from Savant's Soundcloud page, as well as plenty of other free treats.



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