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VALENTINE One Ups Kanye’s “American Boy” and Reveals How He Did It

Red and pink construction paper, glitter, and heartfelt love letters. This is what comes to mind when the word “valentine” is thrown around. And without surprise, rising producer VALENTINE‘s maximal future bass tunes capture the thrills and spills of new love, with a myriad of chippy blips, thumping bass, and heart restarting synths.

After releasing a serene trip-hop version of Kanye West and Estelle‘s “American Boy”, I had to learn more about the ethos of this young artist. From early bass roots, to Moving Castle, to creating spaces to support friends, VALENTINE is on a sonic journey that is strikingly authentic. Below is an exclusive look into how he, along with pals Sophie Meiers and Rob Araujo, took a modern R&B classic and turned it into their own.

What inspired you to do a remake of “American Boy”?

“Sophie had the vocals already recorded, so out of boredom I sketched out an idea. I then showed it to Rob during one of our Skype calls, He loved it and instantly started playing keys over it, so I guess it all just kinda fell into place!”

You just released your awesome sample pack, and have a very distinct glittery and glitchy sound that sets you apart. What draws you to such sounds?

“When I originally started making music, I very much targeted the EDM/Dubstep sound, as I was very intrigued by complex sound design and early bass music. Over time I got better at production, and what I was making started to sound like what I was listening to… As I was writing, I listened back to my other stuff, which led me to start re-using my favorite drum samples and developing my own production techniques. I guess my style stems from my evolution as an artist.”

You have certainly evolved as an artist, now that you're a Moving Castle regular and have had some major successes.

“Yeah, after I started playing some bigger gigs and gaining opportunities, I got to witness some of the upper music industry for myself, and came to realize that what I had longed for as a teenager in high school was just fake crap designed to appeal to a large audience… So eventually I had to ask myself what I seek in music, and as a result, I have been trying to focus more on making my music personal and unique while also having fun, supporting my friends and talented lesser-known artists, while making great memories in the process”

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What's the experience you try to create when performing live? 

“Well, my biggest thing personally is not playing safe songs that I know everyone will get hype to, and instead just playing really good music whether or not everyone in the crowd knows the song, so mostly tunes from my friends and from my digs on Soundcloud and Spotify. For me, shows are unique experiences that create memories, inspire people and their art, and expose them to new feelings and ideas.”

What can we expect from you next? 

“A LOT, there is SO much music I'm sitting on right now. I'm getting ready to release a concept album, an EP, and a bunch of exciting remixes… so stay tuned, for the most exciting part is yet to come.”


If you're craving more, check out his recent NestHQ mix, featuring some of the best modern future bass music out there!

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