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Interview with Feenixpawl [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Feenixpawl is a DJ duo consisting of Aden Forte and Josh Soon.  Originally from Melbourne, Australia they began to produce music in 2003 and have risen to prominence in past years.  Most recently, Feenixpawl has won the 2013 Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) for ‘Best Dance Release’ with the single ‘In My Mind.’


EDM Sauce got a chance to chat with Feenixpawl about their progress, performing in North America, and everything in between.

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[EDM Sauce] Let’s get started with something fun: Do either of you have any pre-show superstitions or good luck mantras that must be completed before you perform?

[Josh] Not really. Probably a shot of tequila to loosen up!

[EDM Sauce] You’ve been producing music as a duo since 2003. In that time, the electronic music scene has changed drastically. Where do you think it is headed in another ten or fifteen years?

[Aden] Its hard to say to be honest. I would never have thought that dance music would be as big as it is all around the world. Especially in the States. Its great to see it grow so rapidly. Hopefully it just continues to do so.

[EDM Sauce] More specifically, the electronic music scene in North America is growing rapidly with festivals such as Tomorrowland coming over here too (in Tomorrowworld). What is your favorite part about coming to perform in North America?

[Josh] Everyone here has such a great energy! Everyone is so enthusiastic about the scene, they love to dress up and be a part of if. We feed off the energy from the crowd and that is definitely really easy to do here.

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[EDM Sauce] Along with the change in electronic music since 2003, there must be some differences in the duo-dynamic you two share. Can you tell us about how the two of you come together to make great tracks?

[Aden] Well I think its important that we are good friends above all. We don’t take anything personally. We aren’t precious in the studio. If something is working, its working… If its not, its not, and we aren’t afraid to be frank with each other. Having said that, we generally have a similar outlook in terms of what we want and what direction we want to take our music, so we mesh quite well.feenixpawl

[EDM Sauce] How about pet peeves? Anything that you two can’t stand about one another?

[Aden] He snores.

[Josh] Yes… I do. He needs his Earplugs when I’m sleeping on a plane and he’s next to me.

[EDM Sauce] Other than music, what other passions do either of you have?

[Josh] Video games, cartoons and Aussie Rules Football…

[Aden] Definitely cartoons… South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons. You name it.

[Josh] We’re geeks…

[EDM Sauce] Tell us a bit more about your upcoming shows and where Feenixpawl will be during the summer?

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[Josh] Well we’re just finishing up this current run of shows in the States with Paradiso at The Gorge and then Digital Dreams in Toronto, then off to NY for some downtime and another gig there. After that we are touring Europe for a month, then South America. Then back to the States in late August until October. THEN back home! Long summer, but we love it. Then once we are home in Oz it’ll be summer there and we will be doing our favourite festival tour back there called Stereosonic. Will be a big year.

[EDM Sauce] Any inside secrets you can give us on projects you’re working on?

[Aden] Well we’re just putting some finishing touches on our next track with Ivan Gough that will be coming out with Big Beat and Neon Records. Got a couple of just Feenixpawl tracks nearly ready to go, and a few other collabs, but can’t give too much away!

Be sure to check out Feenixpawl’s latest track “We Are Together” featuring Aden’s brother, Jason Forte!


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