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chick friendly dubstep

Dubstep is for Lovers

A beautiful girl meets nerdy boy. Girl falls in love. Girl discovers fatal flaw in boys personality. He likes, no, LOVES dubstep. After one particularly deafening car ride, Girl says : It's me or...
Melodic Dubstep

Ellie Goulding – High For This (Michael Froh’s OG-Mix)

This track is so dark and sexy. I love Froh's spin on it, I really do. I think it's got the perfect amount of dubstep. And seriously - are those finger snaps? Michael Froh...
Mikkas Moth Original Mix

Mikkas – Moth (Original Mix)

Mikkas is a 26 year old producer from Denmark. If his music sounds familiarly amazing, it's because you've likely heard his remixes of Porter Robinson. I love this guy. Moth is an original mix...
Beautiful Trance Eyes

Summer of Love (Playlist)

It's here at last. Summer. I can put on sunglasses and chill at the pool with partially naked strangers. To kick off my soon to be epic summer, I need some inspirational music. This...
Martin Mittone - Take Me (Rameses B Remix)

Martin Mittone – Take Me (Rameses B Remix)

Every morning should be a morning filled with chillstep or liquid dnb in my opinion. Rameses B has brought another great relaxing chillstep song for us with the remix of Martin Mittone's "Take Me."

sy.ic – enchantment under the sea

Looking to getting your morning started with some slow electronic grooves and maybe some female vocals? We got you. Direct Download
Bronze Whale

Jose Padilla featuring Kirsty Keatch – Helios Bronze Whale Remix

Here is a chill remix of Jose Padilla featuring Kirst Keatch's Helios by the Bronze Whales. Enjoy this 2step/Chillstep style of music for the morning here. Check out Bronze Whale's Facebook and Soundcloud.

Sponsored Up & Coming

Shneur Drops Massive Bass EP just in time for the New...

What is going on dance music fans?! Hope you are geared up for the New Year and locked and loaded with new music. Today...