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Water Ambient

Module Module & Halcyon – Come With Nothing

Do you enjoy waking up to a bit of Ambient and Chill music? Well if so, Module Module and Halcyon's new track "Come With Nothing" is just that slow start your morning needs. Don't...
Dinka Mixtape (September 2012)

Dinka Mixtape (September 2012)

The perfect way to start your Monday morning should be with a little bit of Dinka. The World of Dinka has just released the September 2012 mixtape which features many chill and progressive unreleased...
Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen (Submerse Remix)

Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Submerse Remix)

Can't get enough of Ellie Goulding's beautiful voice? Well neither can we. Here is here new song off of her new album Halycon called "Anything Could Happen" remixed by Submerse.

MitiS – Born

MitiS has just released his new track called "Born" and it is a great ambient chillstep track. MitiS really combines the soothing melodies together in such a perfect and beautiful way in this track....
Rameses B - Forgotten Dreams (Chill Mixtape)

Rameses B – Forgotten Dreams (Chill Mixtape)

Rameses B has just released his 1.5 hour mixtape which is a very chill and soothing mix of songs. Rameses B is celebrating his 2 millionth view on youtube and in celebration is releasing...
Beckwith - Craymal (Original Mix)

Beckwith – Craymal (Original Mix)

Anjunjadeep is back with a new release and this time it features the Artist Beckwith with his new track "Craymal." This progressive deep house track is very chilled out and peaceful and is a...
The XX – Angels (Case & Point Bootleg)

The XX – Angels (Case & Point Bootleg)

The XX has released their new Bootleg called "Angels" which is off of their Case & Point Bootleg. The XX is an American Progressive House duo which brings us this chilled out and sexy...

Anna Yvette – WaVVy

Anna Yvette has just released this slower melody of which she calls "Sexy and Fun." It is a great free download with her beautiful vocals and a great beat. Free Download

Hollidayrain – Kama

HollidayRain just released his track "Kama" which is a chillstep style song. In fact, this track is a orchestral piece with a two-step beat that has been very chilled out. Hollidayrain is very proud...

Mike Ault – Just Us This Weekend (Ricky Cervantes Mashup)

This track is baby making music. Just listening to it makes me think of dirty, slow, sexy... I gotta go. Anyway, you should listen to it. But probably not at work. Story behind the track:...

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Shneur Drops Massive Bass EP just in time for the New...

What is going on dance music fans?! Hope you are geared up for the New Year and locked and loaded with new music. Today...