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chick friendly dubstep
chick friendly dubstep


Dubstep is for Lovers

A beautiful girl meets nerdy boy. Girl falls in love. Girl discovers fatal flaw in boys personality. He likes, no, LOVES dubstep. After one particularly deafening car ride, Girl says : It's me or that shitty music. You pick.

Sound familiar?

This is how I began my six month transition to being a dub fan. If you find yourself in a similar situation, THERE IS HOPE. This playlist is the sexiest, softest, sweetest dubstep we've ever heard. It's basically impossible *not* to like it.

Note: if you know of more tracks like this, tell us! 🙂

#1) Blackmill – Embrace. Nothing, I repeat nothing, makes you want to get naked as much as this track does.

#2) Adventure Club – Crave You. AC is known for making women pass out from lust. This track put them on the map.

#3) Minnesota – Starry Eyed (orig. Ellie Goulding). Hands down the best remix of EG regardless of genre.

#4) Sound Remedy – The Funeral (orig. Band of Horses). Mostly for indie lovers, the dubstep track will confuse but ultimately win over the hipsters in your life.

#5) fAux – Castle Walls (orig. Christina Aguillera). This song is an anthem for depression, but that doesn't stop it from really, really, getting stuck in your head.

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#6) Ramses B – Game of Thrones Dubstep Mix. Basically I'm one of the last 10 people in America who doesn't watch this show. The track is epic regardless.

#7) MTWO – Wild One (orig. Sia and Flo Rida). This slow dubstep remix of the way popular pop song is a clear winner in dubstep conversion tactics.

#8) Seven Lions – Cosmic Love (orig. Florence and the Machine). This song is incredible, with its anguishing build ups and apparent ‘can't let go of the wrong kind of love' lyrics.

Bonus – Almost all of these can be downloaded for free our the artists soundclouds or facebook. 

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