Pluko is slowly becoming one of my favorite artists. His sound is a combination of weird and chill sounds that I can listen to when trying to unwind or just driving down the street. Today, he released the sixth volume of his Outer Thoughts mix series and it does not disappoint.

The mix is about 11 minutes long and takes us on a journey through funky and chill sounds. The atmospheric vibe will take you into the universe Pluko has created and won't want to leave. Mix that in with his subtle beats and drops and you will be hypnotized by his sound. I honestly really love this mix because it keeps my attention but also keeps me focused if I'm working on something.

Pluko released his debut album “sixteen” this year. With these mixes and his album, Pluko is showing us what a bright future he has ahead of him. We can't wait to see more Outer Thoughts mixes and of course, more albums and EPs.

Listen to Pluko's Outer Thoughts Vol. 6 here:

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