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Best Hotels Near Ultra Music Festival Miami


25 Best Hype Songs

Do you ever get so hype that you just have to blast some music? Well, we’ve put together a list of the best songs to get you hyped. Whether it’s an epic anthem or a banger with tons of energy, these tracks will have you pumped up in no time. So turn up the volume and let the good times roll!

Best Hype Songs

25. Rage Against The Machine – Bulls on Parade

Few songs are as overtly political as Rage Against the Machine's “Bulls on Parade.” The song, which was released in 1996, is a searing indictment of the American military-industrial complex, and its lyrics unapologetically denounce the government's role in propagating violence and oppression. The song opens with the sounds of gunfire and an air raid siren, setting the stage for an onslaught of sonic fury. The guitars chug and grind like an advancing tank, while Zack de la Rocha's vocals are filled with righteous indignation. It's a powerful and cathartic experience, and it's no wonder that the song has become an anthem for social justice movements around the world. In a time when systemic injustice is once again at the forefront of public consciousness, “Bulls on Parade” remains as relevant as ever.

24. Guns N' Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Guns N' Roses – Welcome to the Jungle is one of the most iconic albums of all time. From the opening riff of “Welcome to the Jungle” to the hard-hitting lyrics of “Paradise City”, the album is a tour de force of rock ‘n' roll. It's also one of the most controversial albums ever made, with its frank depictions of drug use and violence. But there's no denying the power of GN'R's music, and Welcome to the Jungle is a perfect example of why the band is considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time. If you're looking for a classic album that still packs a punch today, look no further than Welcome to the Jungle.

23. Trapt – Headstrong

Trapt's “Headstrong” is a song about confidence and determination. The lyrics describe someone who is “fed up with waiting” and is ready to take charge of their life. The singer proclaims that they are “headed for the top” and will never give up or back down. The song is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt trapped or held back by their circumstances. It is a call to action, urging listeners to break free from their self-imposed limitations and reach for their dreams. The song's powerful message of hope and perseverance is sure to inspire anyone who hears it.

22. Queen – We Will Rock You

Queen's “We Will Rock You” is one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable songs in rock history. Released in 1977, the song was written by Queen's lead singer, Freddie Mercury, as an anthem for the band's live shows. With its simple yet powerful melody and stadium-ready chorus, “We Will Rock You” quickly became a fan favorite, and it has since been covered by countless artists. The song's lasting popularity is due in part to its highly singable lyrics, which encourage listeners to clap their hands and stamp their feet in time with the music. But more than anything, “We Will Rock You” is an expression of Queen's unrivaled talent for writing catchy, anthemic rock songs. Thanks to Mercury's masterful songwriting, Queen created a timeless classic that continues to inspire new generations of rock fans.

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21. Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini

The music video for Skrillex and Rick Ross' “Purple Lamborghini” is a bleak and violent visual feast. The video, set in a post-apocalyptic world, follows the two artists as they battle their way through a city full of zombies. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles, including a giant monster made of garbage. The video is filled with scenes of death and destruction, but it also has a dark sense of humor. Ultimately, “Purple Lamborghini” is an adrenaline-fueled ride that fans of both Skrillex and Rick Ross are sure to enjoy.

20. Rudimental – Not Giving In

Rudimental's “Not Giving In” is a song about perseverance in the face of difficult circumstances. The lyrics tell the story of a person who has faced many challenges in life, but has refused to give up. Despite the odds, they have kept fighting and have ultimately been successful. The song is an encouragement to never give up, even when things seem impossible. It is a reminder that success is possible if you are willing to put in the hard work and never give up. This message is something that everyone can relate to, and it is one of the reasons that “Not Giving In” has resonated with so many people.

19. Flux Pavilion – I Can't Stop

Since releasing his debut album in 2011, Flux Pavilion has established himself as one of the leading forces in the electronic music scene. His signature sound, which combines elements of dubstep, drum and bass, and electro, has won him a loyal following among fans of dance music. But it's his ability to create catchy hooks and melodies that has really set him apart from his peers. On his latest track, “I Can't Stop,” he demonstrates this talent in spades. The song starts with a simple but effective bassline, which is soon joined by a catchy synth melody. The result is an infectious track that is sure to get your feet moving. Whether you're a fan of electronic music or not, there's no denying that Flux Pavilion is a master of his craft.

18. Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Foo Fighters – The Pretender is a song about not giving up, no matter how hard life gets. The lyrics talk about how somebody who seems strong on the outside may be fighting a battle on the inside that nobody knows about. “Every wound will shape me / Every scar will build my race,” sings Dave Grohl in the chorus. This line is especially powerful because it shows that even though somebody may be struggling, they can still use their experiences to make them stronger. The Pretender is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they're fighting a losing battle. It's a reminder that even when things seem hopeless, there's always reason to keep going. Foo Fighters – The Pretender is a song that will inspire anyone who hears it to never give up on themselves.

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17. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

The Weeknd's single “Blinding Lights” has been a chart-topping success ever since its release in late 2019. The song, which features a driving synth beat and lyrics about struggling to find love, has resonated with listeners around the world. In a recent interview, The Weeknd spoke about the song's meaning, saying that it is “about finding hope in the darkest of times.” He went on to say that he wrote the song during a period of personal turmoil, and that it served as a reminder to him that “there's always light at the end of the tunnel.” With its relatable message and catchy hook, it's no wonder “Blinding Lights” has become one of The Weeknd's most iconic songs.

16. Avicii – Levels

Avicii‘s “Levels” is a dance anthem with a message. The song starts with a simple piano melody, which builds into a feeling of anticipation as the beat kicks in. The lyrics celebrate living life to the fullest and enjoying the moment. However, there is also a sense of longing and melancholy underneath the party vibes. The chorus reflects on the idea that we are all searching for something more, even though we may not know what it is. “Levels” is a powerful song that captures the human experience of longing for something more, even as we enjoy the moment.

15. Linkin Park – Bleed It Out

Linkin Park is one of the most successful rock bands of the 21st century, selling over 70 million albums worldwide. The band is known for their aggressive musical style and dark lyrics, which often deal with themes of betrayal, anger, and depression. “Bleed It Out” is one of Linkin Park's most popular songs, and it residency near the top of the Billboard charts upon its release in 2007. The song is a haunting ode to self-harm, with lead singer Chester Bennington singing about cutting himself in order to numb the pain he feels inside. The song's heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums create an ominous feeling, which matches the lyrics perfectly. “Bleed It Out” is a powerful song that accurately captures the darkness and despair that can sometimes consume our lives.

14. Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death (The Matrix Soundtrack)

Rob Dougan's “Clubbed To Death” is one of the most iconic pieces of music to come out of The Matrix soundtrack. The track perfectly captures the film's noirish, tech-noir atmosphere, and its slow, propulsive beat helps to drive the film's tense action sequences. Dougan's use of samples and synthetic textures also helps to create a sense of unease and foreboding, which is fitting for a film about a world that is controlled by artificial intelligence. In addition to being a great piece of music, “Clubbed To Death” is also notable for its graphic and disturbing opening sequence, which features a close-up of a rat being clubbed to death. This scene was animated using CG, and it is still one of the most impressive uses of CGI in a music video. Despite its disturbing imagery, “Clubbed To Death” is an essential piece of The Matrix soundtrack, and it remains one of Dougan's best-known tracks.

13. U2 – Elevation

When U2 released their album “All That You Can't Leave Behind” in 2001, it was seen as a return to the band's traditional sound after the experimental style of their previous two albums. The lead single, “Beautiful Day”, was a huge success, and won three Grammy Awards. However, it was the second single, “Elevation”, that really caught my attention. The song starts with a simple guitar riff, and then explodes into a soaring anthem of hope and defiance. The lyrics are about overcoming adversity, and the chorus is an uplifting call to arms. In many ways, “Elevation” is the perfect summation of U2's career up to that point. It's a song about rising above your circumstances, and it's anthemic sound and emotion captured everything that I loved about the band.

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12. Imagine Dragons – Believer

“Believer” is a song by American rock band Imagine Dragons. The song was released on February 1, 2017, as the lead single from the band's third studio album, Evolve (2017). “Believer” peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and drew comparisons to Imagine Dragons' previous hit, “Radioactive”. The song's success helped propel Evolve to number one on the Billboard 200.

“Believer” is an upbeat rock song with an anthemic chorus. Lyrically, the song is about overcoming adversity and believing in oneself. The song's positive message and uplifting sound make it a popular choice for commercials and movie trailers. In 2018, the song was used in a commercial for the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey. “Believer” has also been featured in trailers for films like A Wrinkle in Time (2018) and Lady Bird (2017).

11. Nelly – Here Comes The Boom

Nelly is a character in the 2005 film The Longest Yard. He is portrayed by actor Chris Rock. Nelly is an inmate at a prison who is recruited by the warden to play on the prison's football team. He is initially reluctant to join, but he eventually agrees and becomes one of the team's best players. Nelly is a skilled athlete, but he is also shown to be somewhat unruly and hot-headed. Nonetheless, he is a valuable member of the team and helps them to win several games. In the end, Nelly is released from prison and returns to his old life. However, he has learned something from his experience and is now a better person.

10. Metallica – Enter Sandman

One of the most popular and well-known songs by the American heavy metal band Metallica, “Enter Sandman” was released as the lead single from their self-titled fifth album in 1991. The song was an instant success, reaching the top of the Billboard charts and becoming one of the band's signature songs. “Enter Sandman” is a classic example of the band's signature sound: thundering drums, shredding guitars, and James Hetfield's aggressive vocals. The song's success helped to propel Metallica to new levels of popularity, and cemented their place as one of the biggest bands in metal.

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9. DMX – Party Up (Up in Here)

DMX's “Party Up (Up in Here)” is a certified banger, and for good reason – it's got one of the most iconic hooks in hip-hop history. But beyond that, the track is a master class in how to build tension and release it. The verses are all about getting hyped up for the club, with DMX's signature rapid-fire delivery punctuated by lines like “Y'all gon' make me lose my mind/ Up in here, up in here.” But then comes the breakdown, where DMX slows things down and delivers a more introspective lyrics about the struggles of life on the streets. It's this contrast that makes “Party Up” such a effective track, and it's no wonder that it's still getting played at parties two decades after its release.

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8. Martin Garrix – Animals

Martin Garrix is a Dutch DJ and electronic music producer. He rose to prominence in 2013 with his single “Animals”, which was a commercial success worldwide. His debut album, Studio Sessions, was released in 2016 and featured collaborations with artists such as Usher and Bebe Rexha. Garrix has performed at various festivals including Tomorrowland and Coachella, and has also headlined his own show at Madison Square Garden. In 2018, he was ranked number one on DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs list. Animals is a song by Dutch DJ and record producer Martin Garrix, released as a digital download on 17 June 2013 on iTunes. The song has peaked to number 1 in the Belgium dance charts, number 3 in the Netherlands and number 15 in the UK dance charts. The song is produced in the key of E-flat major at 140 beats per minute. A music video to accompany the release of “Animals” was first released onto YouTube on 17 July 2013 at a total length of three minutes and fifty-one seconds. As of August 2019, the video has received over 1 billion views. The song garnered international attention and was a commercial success, peaking at number one in several countries including Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark and New Zealand; as well as charting within the top 10 in Canada, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

7. Kanye West – Stronger

“Stronger” is a song by American hip hop recording artist Kanye West, released as the second single from his third studio album, Graduation (2007). The production was handled by West, with an extended outro co-produced with Mike Dean. The composition is electronic in nature, employing synthesizers as its prominent instrument. For the track, West utilizes a vocal sample of “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by French house duo Daft Punk. West also describes “Stronger” as an exploration of his own mental state at the time of its writing in the album's liner notes. Lyrically, the song reflects on personal insecurities and challenges that confronted West during his early career.

“Stronger” peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Song at the 50th Grammy Awards. The single's accompanying music video was directed by Hype Williams and features kaleidoscopic images derived from Daft Punk‘s music video for “Around the World”. The video received positive reviews from critics and won Video of the Year at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

6. Black Eyed Peas – Pump It

It's been almost fifteen years since the Black Eyed Peas released “Pump It,” and the song is still as fresh and relevant as ever. Featuring a catchy beat and an iconic guitar riff, “Pump It” is a perfect example of the group's signature sound. With its positive message and infectious energy, the track is guaranteed to get any party started. And it's not just a fun song to dance to – it also has a deeper meaning. The lyrics talk about overcoming adversity and staying positive despite the challenges life throws your way. In this way, “Pump It” is more than just a great song to jam out to – it's also an inspiring anthem for anyone who needs a little motivation. Thanks, Black Eyed Peas!

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5. Jock Jams – Let's Get Ready to Rumble

There's something about a pulsing beat and an enthusiastic crowd that just gets the blood flowing. No matter what your athletic ability, when the right song comes on, you can't help but to get pumped up and ready to rumble. That's the power of Jock Jams. For over 20 years, these anthemic tracks have been getting athletes psyched up for competition, and giving fans something to sing along to in the stands. From the classic “Get Ready for This” to more recent hits like “We Will Rock You,” Jock Jams are the ultimate pump-up tunes. So whether you're getting ready for the big game or just looking to get your heart racing, crank up the volume and let the good times roll.

4. Van Halen – Right Now

The song “Right Now” by Van Halen is an anthem for living in the present moment. The lyrics urge listeners to forget about their troubles and enjoy life while they can. The upbeat tempo and positive message make it a perfect song to listen to when you need a pick-me-up. The band also delivers an incredible performance, with lead singer David Lee Roth hitting all the high notes and guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen shredding solos. It's no wonder that “Right Now” has become one of Van Halen's most popular songs – it's simply irresistible. So next time you find yourself stressing out about the future, remember to take a cue from Van Halen and live in the right now.

3. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

One of the most popular songs of the 1980s, “Eye of the Tiger” was written by Survivor lead singer Jim Peterik and keyboardist Frankie Sullivan. The song was inspired by the story of Rocky III, in which underdog boxer Rocky Balboa defeats world champion Apollo Creed. Upon its release, “Eye of the Tiger” quickly rose to the top of the charts, where it remained for seven weeks. The song has since been used in a variety of movies and television shows, cementing its place as an 80s icon. In addition to its catchy melody, “Eye of the Tiger” is known for its inspirational lyrics, which continue to motivate people all over the world. Whenever you need a little extra boost, just remember: “It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight…”

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2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Can't Hold Us

Can't Hold Us is a song by American hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It was released on August 26, 2013, as the third single from their debut studio album The Heist (2012). The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, making it their second consecutive number-one single after “Thrift Shop”. The song reached number one in several other countries, including Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, the song became the first rap song to reach number one without being commercially available as a single. A live performance of the song at the 2013 iTunes Festival was included on their 2014 concert film Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Live from Seattle.

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1. Eminem – Till I Collapse

Eminem is one of the most popular and successful rappers of all time. He is known for his unapologetic lyrics and aggressive style. “Till I Collapse” is one of his most famous songs. The song is about continuing to fight even when you feel like you can't go on. The first verse talks about how Eminem never gives up, even when he's been knocked down again and again. The chorus talks about how he will keep fighting “till he collapses.” The second verse is about how Eminem has seen people give up on their dreams, but he never has. The song is an inspiration to never give up, no matter how hard things get. It's a song that Motivates people to keep going even when they feel like they can't.


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