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Artist of the Week Artist of the Week: Min the Universe

What is going on dance music fans? We hope that you have had the pleasure of listening to all of the new, young, up and coming music we have been exhibiting this past week – we can tell Summer is in full swing when we see so many incredibly produced, festival worthy tracks make their rounds. Today, we are exploring an artist that is new to, going by the name Min the Universe and has found his way in becoming the next Artist of the Week in our historic AOTW series! Take a seat, relax, and allow us to help you explore this incredibly talented producer and musician.

Like many young artists we come across, they've had a long history of early musical influence – Min the Universe, based out of Brooklyn, NY, particularly got his start, learning guitar and keyboard, playing in alt rock groups, jazz ensembles, and even as extreme as progressive metalcore where he found incredible inspiration in their intricate solos. With this background, he fell in love with the modern influence of electronic dance music in his early twenties and made the decision that he wanted to pursue music as his career – specializing in original dance music, specifically, melodic and progressive productions.

His greatest influences include the progressive and legendary beats of Deadmau5, the feel good atmospheres of Calvin Harris, and the deep and dirty elements of modern deep house.

We got a chance to sit down with Min the Universe to see what makes him tick in his creative process and he gave us a bit of insight into what inspires him, and how he takes the conception of an idea and forms it into an expression of his inner musical talent.

“My creative process is different than most producers in that I try to finish a song before moving onto the next. My projects are somewhat complex, and I take pride in the attention of detail spent with writing melodies, harmonic voicings, arrangement, and (hundreds of) automation envelopes all while making sure the instruments interact cohesively throughout the track.

His newest record titled, Cassini, is a progressive-house / trance inspired record that radiates a celestial atmosphere with its sound designs plucking sidechained melodies throughout each breakdown and drop. The track title Cassini is inspired by the NASA spacecraft that traveled the icy moons of Saturn for over a decade – taking us to astounding worlds where methane rivers run to an inhospitable sea and where jets of ice and gas blast material from a liquid water ocean that might harbor the ingredients for life.

The spoken word lyrical element to this record is what really sets the stage for the track and shows off his inner mind of exploration not only of our current existence but what can be viewed as an existential expedition into the mind of Min the Universe.

Among all the highlights of the record, the largest transcending element what we loved were found not only within the energetic and progressive drops of the track, but are found in the breakdowns. The atmospheric element he's created with Cassini is something that not only has insane amounts of replay value, but of course, can easily make its rounds at festival trance stages worldwide.

Early elements of Cassini were written and recorded in 2015 when Min first started producing electronic music. This single includes poignant quotes from the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, whose life work reflected our deep desires to understand the world around us. Min endeavors to capture this extraordinary human enterprise of curiosity and fantasy, manifesting in a dance track that feels pioneering and hopeful.

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Min the Universe really want to promote not only his love for progressive dance music with Cassini, but also wanted to create a record that could transcend social identity, language, and intergalactic lifeforms. His goal is to share what music means to him – something that no matter what language you speak, or what planet your from, can relate to such incredible auditory stimulation.

“My latest singles Cassini and A Million Fireflies (feat. Nina Grace) satisfy my vision to bring something both familiar and novel to listeners. Progressive house was my favorite genre growing up and is incredibly saturated with talented artists, so most of my time is spent on sound design and novel production techniques to bring unique and alluring elements to a familiar dance genre.”

Coming out with a record just in time for all of our favorite Summer festivals, we really wanted to dig a bit deeper into what Min the Universe's plans were for the new, unrestricted season of 2021.

“I am looking forward to the remainder of 2021 to hit the stage as much as possible. There is no greater sense of fulfillment than live performance, which is the driving reason for choosing a career as music producer / DJ. Simultaneously, I will continue to improve my craft and make dance tracks that others can relate to and embrace.”

Below are a few more incredibly produce tracks from Min the Universe's discography, further showing how he was able to reach such heights with his latest release of Cassini and keeping firm to the element and theme of sci-fi thematic sound designs, and overall touches throughout his works. Below is a Remix of the theme song from the HBO smash hit series, Westworld, where we all can take a journey through the haunting and all familiar theme song, but through the lens of Min the Universe's complex ethereal vision of music.

Lastly, we would like to highlight one final track from Min the Universe titled, A Million Fireflies, with lyrical accompaniment from Nina Grace. This is an earlier track from his repertoire but shows the roots of his love for progressive house and can help draw a bridge from productions in his earlier career to the banger that we know as Cassini at the beginning of this article. Take a listen below and journey through the inner workings of the production and growth process of Min the Universe.

We hope that you have enjoyed this edition of Artist of the Week with Min the Universe, for more information, be sure to check all of his socials at the bottom of this article!


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Min is an EDM music producer based in Brooklyn, NY and has been featured in music publications including EDM Movement, A&R Factory, UFO Network, and many others. A citizen of the world, his music pulls sounds from house, progressive house, pop, techno, and beyond to create a sonic tapestry that transcends barriers and draws listeners into new parallel universes uniquely their own.

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