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Artist of the Week Artist of the Week: Kid Epic

What is going on dance music fans! Welcome back to yet another edition to our Artist of the Week. This week we are featuring a new up and coming dubstep artist who will be sure to break your neck with his bangers. He goes by the name of Kid Epic and he's got a ton of heat coming your way.

“My new track ‘Saiyan Pride’ is all about energy. With any of the tracks I release, energy is the main focal point. I want to get people hyped- keep them energized and energetic throughout the song. This was dedicated to all the Dragon ball fans around the world, mainly Vegeta fans. Fans of DBZ knows how much emotion and energy the characters bring, especially Vegeta. Therefore- it was easy for me to incorporate that character into this track. This song was all about inner pride and I hope my audience would be able to feel that energy and emotion after one listen.”


Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Kid Epic started his first experience with music was back in 2014 when he bought his first DJ Controller. Like many, he started off doing small mixes in his bedroom. Late 2018 was when Kid Epic decided to take a couple courses at Point Blank Music School. 

The courses helped him realize how passionate he was for dance music and at that point, started to produce his own songs. He started releasing songs earlier in 2019 and that was when Kid Epic was born.

“Personally, there is a meaning behind the name. Producing music helps me dream big. I have never had bigger dreams and goals until now. Therefore – producing makes me feel like a kid again. As for epic- it is the standard I try to hold myself to. Whatever I put out needs to be epic. I cannot accept anything less than epic in all that I do.”

Plans for 2019:

We got a chance to talk to Kid Epic about his current plans for the rest of 2019. He let us know that it was humbly to keep improving his Music Production. He plans to produce and release more songs by the end of this year and that he will always continue to produce but next year is going to be all about being a DJ and hitting that stage. He wants to be able to put himself out there and show the world what Kid Epic can do.

There you have it! Our amazing Artist of the Week! Be sure to check out his links below:


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