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Lost Lands 2018: Bass, Dinos And Basketball Stars [Review]

This year's Lost Lands was a music event unlike any other, full of epic production and the filthiest bass music anyone could ask for. The Jurassic Park themed festival came with more than just dinosaurs this year, although there were a lot, it was an experience that truly took anyone in attendance into another world.

It was the second annual Lost Lands and the festival wasn't kidding when they said how almost everything would be bigger and better than the first one. Keeping the flurry of bass music fans happy, all the necessary novelties at the festival were there and what came was a spectacle that would undoubtedly be remembered for a very long time, or at least until the next one.

With the stages set and the multiple dinosaurs put into their respective positions, the music took over. The force was truly strong with this one, bass resonating loudly throughout the grounds of Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. The sound was stunning coming out of those insane speakers and the music kept on rolling from the very first act on Friday to the very last on Sunday night. The sheer epicness of the festival was matched by the great lineup that they also had, including everyone from the bass music god that is Excision to Illenium to Kill The Noise, all the factors that went into Lost Lands were in place and coordinated well.

This behemoth of a festival was almost too much to take in at times, but with that being said I've outlined some of the best moments and things from this so-called “Super Bowl” of Bass:

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Eye Catching Production, Unmatched Stage Design

I don't think anyone will disagree with me when I say that the stage design was truly top notch. I've really never seen anything like it before at a festival.

The curators of the event did a great Job creating a surreal Jurassic Park experience with life like dinosaurs roaming almost every part of the festival. Did I mention that they had two full-sized main-stages? Each one with huge LED screens, lasers, lights and the enormous dinos that stood upon them. It's crazy how a festival could pull this off, essentially bringing their fans into a world that is nothing like they've seen before.

Lost Lands definitely stepped things up production wise this year compared to the first, so I can only imagine what is to happen in the years to come.

Bass For Days: The Most Electrifying Performances + Soundcamps

For a weekend that was full of so many magical experiences and performances it was really hard to pick and choose which acts really stood above the rest. Every artist gave their all and brought some serious firepower. Each one made their set unique and most of them did a good job of differentiating themselves from the pack.

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The best sets from what I saw during the weekend would have to be Excision b2b Downlink, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Cookie Monsta, Rezz, Slander & NGHTMRE and Rusko. I'm sure you are all very familiar with these artists and what they can do, and I can definitely assure you they all threw down at their respective stages that weekend.

Excision b2b Downlink was a set that was anticipated by most if not all the fans in attendance, and they did not disappoint. Their set was a hard hitting whirl of bass, every song hit home with the fans and the atmosphere during it was one of the best of the weekend. Cookie Monsta's set was also just incredible being that the whole set was purely original material, I respect any artist who takes this route being that it's not all that common today. But with that being said he killed it, making everyone headbang and vibe consistently throughout the entirety of his set.

Rezz was of course another experience altogether. It wasn't just the music she was playing but also the “Wompy Woods” stage seemed to be the perfect place for “Space Mom” to throw down some serious heaters. Slander & NGHTMRE were also curators of a fantastic performance, being their first time playing together at Lost Lands. They truly crushed it, while also having a hand in forming probably the biggest mosh pit of the festival.

And who could forget about the legend that is Rusko. His set was truly incredible, he took control of the stage and everyone who was watching him. It's nice to see the OG is back and looks like he's not going anywhere.

Lastly, I have to say the added experience of the ‘Soundcamps' was very well done on the festivals' part. It's funny how even after the day where all the biggest artists played there came a whole new set up at night. Here there were all relatively unknown artists playing on stages that were basically stacked next to each other. It was a crazy scene to see, where it was essentially a mini festival happening after the main festival. This was also a new addition to Lost Lands this year and we are all very glad they decided to do it!

Jurassic Park Movie Features Every Night!

Another thing I really have to talk about is the fact that Lost Lands played the 3 original Jurassic Park Movies every night throughout the weekend. I know some people might not be all that excited for that but the fact is that I've never really seen a festival provide a movie experience directly after the craziness of the music festival that happened throughout the day.

Each night, after all the wild festivities, the fans who were camping or who just wanted to stay a little longer entered the world of Jurassic Park yet again. Attendees had the opportunity to watch the movies that inspired the whole festival right on the very stage and screen that they were all watching their favorite artists perform on just minutes before. It was really a good change of pace to be able to chill and watch a movie that sparked all the imagination with dinosaurs in the first place.

Special Guest Surprise: Shaq aka DJ Diesel

One last thing that really blew my mind during the weekend was the fact that Shaq aka DJ Diesel performed a full dubstep and riddim set. I don't think anyone saw this coming, having an NBA legend like him play at one of, if not, the biggest bass music event in the world was a sight to see.

Before the weekend the festival mentioned a special guest, but I don't think anyone really expected to see the big man on main-stage. We all know of Shaq recently trying out the art of djing but being able to see him light up Lost Lands was incredible in more ways than one. Almost every fan in attendance rushed to the stage as soon as he showed up. Although I'm not sure if he was really doing much up there, regardless it was definitely something, and the fact that excision was on his shoulders at one point too raging with the NBA legend was also very insane.

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So with the end of the festival I ask you one question, who said Dinosaurs are extinct? Because from what I saw at Lost Lands they look very much alive to me. This festival was a spectacle that I have really never seen before, it was amazing walking among the realistic dinos while also head banging simultaneously to some of the best acts in the bass music scene. All in all it was an event worth remembering, a festival that stands above the rest and I'm sure we all cannot wait to see what is in store for this prehistoric event when it comes back next year!

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