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Robin Schulz Remixes Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and We Have Chills

Let me start this off by saying this, quote me whatever you want, I have a man crush on Ed Sheeran. Style is a 9.4, swag is a 9.6, personality is a 9.7, ginger coolness 9.9 and musical talent 10.5, those are all based on a 1-10 scale. If you haven’t lived in Bikini Bottom for the past 5 years you most definitely agree on all levels. His skills as a singer-songwriter are up there with the greats. Don’t even get me started on his live performances. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and pay whatever is asked and get to a show on his tour of North America next year and have your live and perspective changed on the definition of talent because no dictionary can categorize what this guy does. All that said, I get super defensive whenever someone remixes one of his tracks because they are already so masterful as is. This video speaks volumes to his skill. On a stage, alone, recreating all his hits to a tee. Masterful.

As I said, I get defensive and concerned when people try to recreate his production. It wasn’t until I was swiping through his Spotify page and came across a recent rip on his recent smash hit “Prefect” that I was able to accept a remix to one of his tracks. There have been many done to hits like “Shape of You”, “Lego House”, “Castle on a Hill” and songs off the Multiply project. But this remix by Robin Schulz stands in a class of its own. The song and video to the original are so damn powerful, and Schulz maintained the tone of the track while delivering a masterpiece of Electronic production.

Robin brought a happy and tempoed beat to the tune. When I got most worried was when the drop was set to hit and he eased that concerned effortlessly. With a bit of a Tropical feel, he kept the tone of the track and played off the lyrics and story behind it. Being able to evaluate the message and maintain the message is something that should be commended. This is my mind is one of the best EDM remixes of the year. It still has that wedding like feel but brings a more melodic feel.
Do yourself a favor and listen, download and vibe for the rest of your life to this killer track! Again, if you have been living in another universe for the past few months, I have included the original music video as well!

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