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Copyright Free Music

Copyright Free Music: These Labels Are Changing Up Royalty Free Music

While EDM Sauce has quite the extensive list of free downloads, not all of the songs there are royalty free and license-free songs. In fact, the majority of record labels don't offer royalty and license-free music.

Whether you're a gamer on Twitch or YouTube, a vlogger, or YouTube music channel, you've come to the right spot. In this extensive list of copyright free music channels, you'll find quite a selection of copyright free music to use as you wish.

Please note that Record Labels often change their strategy from time-to-time. Be on the lookout and read the label's latest guidelines before using any of these songs for your use and most of these aren't for commercial licenses. So without further adieu, here are the top labels offering copyright free music.

Copyright Free Music Labels

1. EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records

As EDM Sauce has become one of the most read EDM news websites in the world, we have decided to launched EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records to give a platform to the next generation of electronic music artists. EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records are cleared to be used and monetized on YouTube videos and Twitch streams without the need of a license.

EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records2. NoCopyrightSounds

One of the most popular copyright free music labels is that of NoCopyrightSounds. With more than 13 million subscribers on YouTube, NCS is a record label dedicated to releasing free music for the sole purpose of providing creators with sounds to enhance their creativity and popularity of their content. NoCopyrightSounds is safe from any copyright claims or infringement.

3. Spinnin' Copyright Free Music

Being one of the biggest record labels in dance music has its perks. Alongside all of its paid content, Spinnin' Records also has the Spinnin' Copyright Free Music that is free to be used an monetized by independent Creators on YouTube and Twitch, without the risk of running into a copyright claim.

4. Majestic Casual's Royalty Free Music

In addition to being one of the biggest YouTube music channels online with more than 3.5 million subscribers, Majestic Casual has also started a diverse collection of royalty free music that can be used for any type of film production or YouTube video.
Majestic Casual Royalty Free Music

5. Tasty Records

Tasty is a brand and electronic label dedicated to supporting up and coming artists from all over the world. With a mix of complextro, dubstep, glitch hop, trap, house, drum & bass, nu-disco, and future bass, Tasty has become one of the destinations for dance music fans across the globe. In order to use one of Tasty's songs, they ask that you follow certain guidelines like most of the other channels do as well. Unlike other record labels, Tasty is copyrighted music, but they allow for independent curators to use the music. Click here to find out more.

6. Argofox

Argofox is a record label that releases royalty free music for creators to use in monetized videos and streams. With a 160,000 subscribers, Argofox has a great selection on royalty-free electronic music.
Argofox Royalty Free Electronic Music

7. Kill The Copyright

Kill The Copyright uploads music they love and with more than 61,000 subscribers, Kill The Copyright is doing its best to create a record label for royalty free music available for anyone to use. If you choose to use one of Kill The Copyright's songs, they ask that you credit their channel link in your video description.
Kill The Copyright

Have you found other royalty free music record labels? Let us know in the comments section and we'll be sure to keep a running tally of record labels looking to change up the game. Also be sure to stream the Spotify playlist of copyright free songs below for whether you're a Twitch streamer, or any type of streamer online.

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