Just 6 months ago, EDM Sauce officially launched EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records, creating a safe place for content creators to grab music from to use on their videos without having to worry about another copyright claim or strike. After releasing 100 songs in less than 6 months and amassing millions of streams online, EDM Sauce has compiled some of the most popular songs from the 2018 year.

Today, EDM Sauce releases the first of many compilation albums featuring artists, such as Jesse L W, Parallel, Alex Gaard, Four Under, Ghost Channels, The Voyager, Leo Teran, Airixis, Nikademis, The Catacombs, Romen Jewels, Kashtro, Gianka, MVLDER, Chris R3D & T-NOX, and Stevo.

Take a listen to the 16-track compilation featuring the best releases of 2018