EDM Sauce has launched EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records.

EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records are cleared to be used and monetized on YouTube videos and Twitch streams without the need of a license.

EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records is dedicated to giving a platform to the next generation of electronic music artists, representing genres from House to Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trance, Dance Pop, and much more.

Who Benefits from the EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records?

YouTubers, Twitch Gamers, and Facebook Influencers
EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records makes its entire catalog available to Creators for use in their YouTube, Twitch and Facebook content safe from infringement. With every EDM Sauce release comes with a free download. The songs will be available for a free download and your videos will not get flagged, taken down, or de-monetized. If you do choose to use one of our songs though, please add the artist name, song name, and EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records in the description.

Music Producers
While the music will not be monetized on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, producers will be able to monetize their song on EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records via SoundCloud Go, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, TIDAL, and a majority of other streaming music platforms.

In addition to being able to monetize, every song will have a download gate to maximize your SoundCloud followings.

Every song on this record label will be added to the EDM Sauce playlist for Copyright Free Music and select other playlists on EDM Sauce.

With the EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records, all songs will be available for free download as long as the artists follow the selected artist SoundCloud profiles online. Please submit a song through the EDM Sauce page here for a song review and in the process click ‘Yes‘ to wanting to release through EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records.

Are You A Business Looking To Use These Songs?

The Copyright Free Records are to be used on Creator’s videos on YouTube and Twitch. If you’re looking to use this on an advertisement, TV show, or movie, please contact info @ edmsauce.com.

To use any of our songs on your YouTube or Twitch channel, please use the following description:

Track: Artist Name – Song Name
Music provided by EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records
Watch: https://youtu.be/link
Free Download / Stream
Website: https://www.edmsauce.com