Ever since Moe Shalizi and his roster of artists have began their rise to fame, many artists have been trying to discredit their popularity in the dance music scene.

Moe Shalizi's expanding roster is a collection of some of the biggest superstars in dance music: Jauz, Marshmello, Ookay, Maejor, Dotcom, Sikdope, and Slushii.

The Los Angeles based producer AWE recently took to social media to call out the “$halizi” members for being brands, as opposed to real producers.

JAUZ decided to chime in with his two cents when he said that AWE opened for him two years ago and was grateful to even be there. AWE argued saying that just “needed some money.”

Even Slushii decided to chime in with his own comments.

In case you're not familiar with AWE, listen to some of his tracks below:

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