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Marshmello Rukes

Marshmello Donates $500,000 To Charity Benefiting Refugees

Marshmello is an undeniable force for good in dance music. The masked producer has consistently gone out of his way to not only steer clear of drama but also give back to the community...
Marshmello Zumiez

Marshmello Teases New Collaboration With Best Selling Middle Eastern Musician

Marshmello is known for working outside of his comfort zone. Just like The Chainsmokers before him, Marshmello has taken to many different collaborations to produce tracks which are both fresh and surprising. After releasing...

Marshmello Shares How You Can Play Fortnite With Him

During a recent interview with GQ, the anonymous DJ and producer Marshmello decided to go undercover by creating a new Twitter and Reddit account and opened up for Q & A to his fans....
Marshmello Rukes

Watch Marshmello Absolutely Crush The First Stage Of American Ninja Warrior

Marshmello is good a lot of things. Music production, Fortnite, irrationally making country music satirists anger. You name it, Marshmello can see it through. He is without a doubt a unique individual. That being...

Marshmello and Shawn Medes Trolled The Crowd At The iHeartRadio MMVA’s Tnight

At this point, we all know who Marshmello is, but just like we don't tell nine-year-olds that Santa Claus isn't real, we all play along with the joke. Two years ago at EDC Las...

Marshmello Teams With Bastille On “Happier” A Chilled Out Gem

Today, Marshmello and British band Bastille unveiled their new massive collab “Happier.” By turns poignant and exhilarating, “Happier” acknowledges the uncomfortable truth that loving someone sometimes requires we step aside so they can find...
Marshmello Rukes

Bastille Announces Collaboration With Marshmello To Be Released On Friday

Mark this one down in the “collaborations we never expected” column. Bastille, the band behind the mega hit “Pompeii” from 2013, has just announced they have a track with Marshmello, called “Happier,” coming out...

Marshmello And Skrillex Scheduled To Countdown NYE At Snowta Fest

The young age of Minnesota’s Snowta Festival hasn’t stopped it from bringing a massive lineup this New Year’s Eve. Snowta returns to the Minneapolis Convention Center for the event’s third year with headliners Marshmello...

Forbes Reveals the Highest Paid DJs of 2018

Recently, Forbes Magazine revealed the highest paid DJs of 2018. Many of the DJs on the list are known to be some of the greatest DJs of the decade. Their hard work has surely...

Marshmello Releases New Cooking Video With A Special Appearance From Paula Abdul

Marshmello is dance music's biggest star at the moment. He has been absolutely crushing the charts with high profile releases alongside some of the biggest names in music. In his most recent cooking video...

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Verdugo Brothers Release Yet Another Festival Banger

What's going on dance music fans!? We hope you're having the best of Sundays! If not, no worries, we're going to make it better...

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